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Idle Idle GameDev v1.0.117 MOD APK (Free Rewards)

Idle Idle GameDev v1.0.117 MOD APK (Free Rewards)

If you are no longer interested in the games on the market and want to discover something new, this is the application for you. With a unique but not boring game genre, you will experience the most authentic way.


If you have learned before about the Idle game types, you will surely be no stranger to this entertaining game. Defined as a type of automatic game, you will not need to spend time interacting too much with the game. Possessing gameplay that is not too complicated and with just a straightforward operation, you can master the control and operating principle of this application. Through that, you will begin the process of experiencing this idle game.

Idle Idle GameDev Idle Idle GameDev


Today, most games require players to constantly interact and perform assigned tasks, but you will be surprised by the exciting things that Idle Idle GameDev brings. Designed with a reasonably simple interface but still brings a sense of harmony, players will experience many different forms depending on their playing needs. One of them is that you can interact continuously through ideas to create new games.


New features will be gradually revealed as you regularly experience the game. Your task is to quickly complete the objectives in the first levels to unlock more unique functions in the back. The game will provide you with a control panel to easily observe the progress of the operation and upgrade the necessary modes. In addition, you need to constantly update the progress and manage the best way to create new games and collect essential items.

Idle Idle GameDev Idle Idle GameDev


  • ¬†Join the new and idle game experience; players will not need to interact too much with the game and enjoy the space that the game brings
  • Designed with a simple interface but not boring for you to experience, you will quickly get used to the operation and control accordingly.
  • The game is not too complicated and suitable for those who want to kill time but still be idle. You need to develop ideas to create fun and discard old games when the server is entire.
  • Constantly updating new features to bring the perfect play space, the game will give you many different items to unlock the features behind
  • Observe game progress and upgrade to try more new functions. If you are looking for an idle game that does not take too much time to play, this application will not disappoint you.

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