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Idle Hero Z v1.0.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Idle Hero Z v1.0.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Idle Hero Z – Summon & Merge Cyberpunk is set in the beautiful Neon city in the future world, but it is threatened by brutal enemies trying to take over Z technology. They are not from any tricks, even murder. Players will transform into a superhero lord, hold the Hero Ball and have the task of summoning warriors to save this world with unique magical abilities.

Idle Hero Z – Summon & Merge Cyberpunk


Idle Hero Z – Summon & Merge Cyberpunk makes players feel comfortable with convenient features for users. The graphics are beautiful, impressing players at first sight. Not only that, but players can also play anytime, anywhere, whether online or offline. If you are free but do not have internet, this game will be the perfect choice to save you from that boredom.

Idle Hero Z – Summon & Merge Cyberpunk


Coming to Idle Hero Z – Summon & Merge Cyberpunk, players need to have enough strength and need to play wisely to win. Each hero has a unique magical power. That makes each person special, but if but the top. You must know how to distribute that power reasonably, use the right tactics to destroy the brutal enemies.

Idle Hero Z – Summon & Merge Cyberpunk will be a game that saves you from boring times, bringing you to a new city in the future. There you will be a superhero lord with special abilities, use it to protect Z technology and the beautiful Neon city.

Idle Hero Z – Summon & Merge Cyberpunk


  • Idle Hero Z – Summon & Merge Cyberpunk attracts players with beautiful graphic design. In addition, players can play online and offline, which is a highly convenient point that the game brings.
  • Players will transform into superhero lords, gather mighty warriors, and collect weapons to destroy brutal enemies.
  • In addition to the available strength, the player must also know how to combine the power of the warriors, come up with innovative tactics to win the enemy.
  • The game gives players more than 50 heroes with different powers. There are also thousands of weapons and tools to help you unleash your passion
  • Players need to upgrade their warriors every day to have more power, serving your victory.

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