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ibis Paint X APK MOD

ibis Paint X APK MOD Free Download (Pro Unlocked)

ibis Paint X has a wide range of features, from drawing support all the way to professional color mixing. You will spend time on your drawings, and you will choose the sizes with care. The application will also allow you to select and use the right drawing element. You cannot ignore the resources available to users in this application.


ibis Paint X is a great tool for anyone who loves to draw or has skills in the field. It integrates many drawing features and supports them, making it convenient for users. The application is complex in its functionality, so you’ll need to spend some time learning it. You can use it to create a stunning photo once you have an idea. Your drawing has a meaning for each feature.


When you first access the application, you will have the option to select the size of your drawing paper. There are many options for sizes and quality. Each size has its own meaning, so you’ll need to be aware of that. For those who draw a lot to share on social media, aspect ratio will often come first. You can zoom in and out at any time during the drawing process.

The Variety of BRUSHES

It is important to note that ibis Paint X has a wide variety of pens. You can use stylus pens with it to draw comfortably and precisely. You can customize other pen-related features such as size and opacity. You will receive a pen that is different depending on your case.

Create multiple layers and work dynamically with them

Multiple layers is a feature that experienced users find interesting and use often. This feature allows you to edit faster in video editing. Create multiple layers and then draw an element on one of them. You can delete a stroke from a layer if you think it is incorrect. This will not affect the other elements in the layer. You can quickly make a layer blurred with an image to replicate the strokes.

The number of judges is varied and accurate

The ruler is a very useful tool when you want to measure distances. You can then choose from a variety of ruler tools that you can use to enhance your drawing. The ruler’s versatility is enhanced by the fact that you can select the direction in which to use it. It is also possible to draw precise characters.

ibis Paint X APK MOD

Many impressive supporting factors

ibis Paint X also offers a resource for users that is exciting. You will also find a large color palette that you can customize. Filters allow you to combine different colors and create a final product. You will also learn how to use the many fonts and filters available.

Key Features

  • Smooth drawing at 60 frames per seconds.
  • There are over 11000 brushes to choose from, including dip pens and felt tip pens. Also available are air brushes, flat brushes (flat brushes), fan brushes (airbrushes), pencils, oil brush brushes, charcoal brushes (charcoal brushes), crayons, stamps, etc.
  • Brush parameters are thickness and opacity, at both the beginning and the end. They also include brush angle, at both the beginning and the end.
  • Quick sliders allow you to adjust brush thickness and opacity quickly.
  • Brushes previews in real-time.
  • You can add as many levels as you like.
  • Each layer can be customized independently for opacity and alpha blend. It is also possible to add, remove, or multiply.
  • Clipping allows you to clip photos, videos and other media.
  • Picture library import, horizontal and vertical inversions, layer rotations, layer shiftings, and zooming are all possible.
  • This feature allows you to distinguish your layers by naming them.

Download ibis Paint X v11.0.3 Mod APK (Pro/Prime unlocked).

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