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hunter assassin 2 mod apk (Unlimited Gems)

Hunter Assassin allows the player to take on the role of an assassin whose goal is to eliminate enemies within a specific area. You can easily identify the characters you control and the enemies that you will be facing. Players can also find difficult levels that offer bonus rewards at certain stages. The number of gems you collect will unlock new assassins.

Together with assassins to defeat the enemy

Hunter Assassin will take players on an exciting journey: they’ll be transformed into assassins whose mission is to eliminate enemies with weapons who are moving around a certain area. This kill must only be done from behind, as it is more effective than attacking the enemy from the front. Over time, you’ll face more enemies and will have to learn to move with skill.

There are many places to hide, including walls, crates and hidden corners. You can easily hide away from different enemies. You can see the enemy from a top-down angle, which allows you to find a different route for your assassination. This brings a special attraction to players.

You can pass many different levels

Hunter Assassin has many levels that each have a single goal: defeating all required targets. You will see the number of targets you need on the left of the screen. Each enemy has a flashlight and a rifle to help them navigate in the dark. Assassins are able to kill their targets quickly without the need for a flashlight.

You don’t need to worry about gory scenes. The area of the flashlight that can be seen by the enemy is much smaller than the view that you have. As long as you are not recognized by the flashlight, you won’t be attacked. This is why it’s important to take out enemies before the level. The environment is easy to navigate.

You will stop when you have taken too much damage. The enemy will be attacked from the front. However, it will require a quick strike, and you’ll also get injured shortly after. Depending on the damage level, the color of the character will slowly turn red until it is defeated. The game also gives you bonus levels if all the objectives are made up of gems. You can earn a lot in these levels.

Unlock Different Types of Assasins

You will also receive many gems after completing a number of levels. You will notice that the randomization system is used when you open a new character. When you use gems you can wait only a few moments for the randomization to be successful. You will then use the character that you have just unlocked to complete the next levels. You can also earn gems by completing the game’s requirements.

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