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Human Evolution Clicker

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Human Evolution provides players with a fresh and unique historical entertainment experience. The evolution of all species has been summarized in a way that is simple, understandable and humorous, suitable for a fun game. Install the game to make the history of every species. You can decide the evolution path, from a tiny creature up to a full creature.


It is simple to play and easy to learn because you can modify everything in the game using just one finger. Evolution isn’t as difficult as it seems or requires as much thinking as it may seem. All you need to do is drag and match species to create a new version of the evolution. Transform history into an exciting game that encourages creativity.

Many different creatures

The theme of the game is human evolution, with many different combinations. The game is not limited to human evolution, as it also allows players to select from a wide variety of creatures and let them evolve their way. You can choose from a variety of creatures depending on your hobbies and interests. These include cute creatures to large scary creatures, prehistoric animals, or bizarre creatures you have never seen. Install the game to participate in building the history of species.

From a Single-Celled Organization to a Fully Evolved Organisation

As in nature, an organism’s formation and evolution today began with a single-celled organism that existed a long time ago. You will begin your evolutionary journey with these tiny creatures. Then, you will combine them to create a more advanced species. You can make different species out of a tiny creature, in a very creative and straightforward way. You can create many unique creatures with your limitless creativity, including humans, the main character of the game.

Explore many different planets

You can not only travel to many planets, but also create a new life. Each planet has its own ecosystem and the different environments have a great impact on your evolution. Humans can now evolve in different directions and adopt different physical characteristics. You don’t have to create one person. You can create different races with completely different characteristics. You can discover and create a variety of things in this game on your way to evolution, while also maximizing your creativity. Create a new species by combining humans with other creatures.

The development of civilisation

Evolution of a specie leads to changes in morphology which contributes also to the development civilization. As you advance in life, your civilization will also progress via modernization, until it reaches a technologically advanced level. Because civilization has reached a high-level, humans can combine different elements and evolve in many ways. Create an utopia that will advance human civilization across many planets.

Key Features

  • The game progresses based on player creativity. This is done by creating new and exciting creatures.
  • A large and diverse world makes the game more interesting. It also adds to its diversity.
  • Although the evolution is shown in an interesting way, it still remains a reality that cannot be avoided. You will feel the most realistic feeling.
  • Players can explore, create and develop their own world by exploring and developing the human development and other creatures.
  • The game is easy to play, understand and adapt to. It’s suitable for everyone, but especially little kids who enjoy learning history.
  • This game is a fascinating and unique world that will help players to be more sensitive.

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