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Hoppia Tale v1.1.15 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Energy)

Hoppia Tale v1.1.15 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Energy)

Hoppia Tale is an adventure genre game but very fun and has a high entertainment factor. Players will control the animals participating in many worlds. There, they will perform different challenges and receive rewards upon completion. With that bonus, you’ll build your own style home.


Your companions in Hoppia Tale are small animals such as cats, foxes, rabbits, wolves, etc. You can choose the animal you want in each round. The remarkable thing is that you can change this choice when you want, not limited to the character. The variety of playable characters makes the game lively and not dull.

Hoppia Tale – Action Adventure Hoppia Tale – Action Adventure


In each world, there will be different missions for you to perform. Most of them attack tiny monsters to get gold coins. This operation is effortless: you just need to move your animal to touch the little terrors. Your animal will automatically produce a move that causes the beast to die. Remember to pick up the coins that drop around when you kill the little monster!

Your opponent will be a super big and powerful boss by the final round. It is many times larger than your animal, and the attacks also carry significant damage. With one-handed operation, move smartly and combine moves to dodge and counter-attack it. Maybe you will fail a few times, but keep fighting because defeating the big boss will get a lot of gold.


In addition to adventure worlds and fighting monsters, players can also build their own house in this game. Your house is straightforward at first, with moldy walls and ugly floors. Players will use the money earned from fighting monsters in each world to buy new equipment and change the house’s appearance. Refresh it in your style!

Hoppia Tale – Action Adventure Hoppia Tale – Action Adventure


  • Choose animals to accompany you on each adventure. Change them as you please
  • Move and attack tiny monsters and giant bosses with simple one-handed operation. Defeat as many monsters to collect as many bonuses, massive bosses
  • Diverse new worlds. The unlimited number of adventures in each world. Explore them all while you can
  • Use the money earned from fighting monsters to build your house. Many styles to choose from and design your ideas
  • Lovely graphics and fun sound effects, suitable for all players

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