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Hollywood Story v11.12 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Hollywood Story : Fashion Star brings players the most dramatic stories and experiences of Hollywood stars. The game allows players to become the best actors and achieve fame. The player’s progress will unlock many new features, adding to the excitement of the game.

Start and develop your acting career

Hollywood Story has a simple content, and the players can start living a colorful life of aspiring actors. The players must constantly take part in new movies, interact and complete tasks with NPCs as well as receive fame over time. Some random elements may appear, which will create problems and challenges in order to reach the goal.

A player’s life will be filled with memorable dramas, not only because of the career aspect, but also due to the love factor. Players have a variety of mechanisms that they can use to balance out all the factors and build a happy, romantic love. The player can choose their lover, who has a lot of depth and content.

Make Fascinating Movies for Income

It’s a complicated process, but the only way to earn money as a professional actor is by making movies. The player can choose to build the direction of each movie or its key elements. However, a few additional elements are filled in automatically, making their decisions rich and diverse. Unique mechanics make it possible to interact with each movie in a flexible way, allowing players to create the perfect film.

Design Your Gorgeous Appearance

Hollywood Story encourages players to design their own appearance. The design is animated, with many small details, such as hairstyles and basic makeup, or humorous elements. A few cosmetic changes will also make the character stand out and impress, which will enhance the plot.


Costumes are important for all actors, but female actors have many chances to showcase their elegance and charisma through expensive dresses. Players can also indulge in shopping to reward themselves with fashionable dresses and bags that will make them look more professional and fabulous in their careers. Players will also be able to customize a variety of outfit presets to make it easier to adapt to different events.

Enjoy a Dramatic Life with Lover

Hollywood Story creates countless dramatic situations that players can enjoy. Dramas are often found in the love life of actors, including infidelity and behind-the scenes relationships. This allows players to explore Hollywood more. The scenarios can change dramatically depending on the players’ choices, which enhances the gameplay and experience.

Hollywood Story offers players a relaxing experience where they can immerse themselves in dramatic stories, and enjoy endless shopping. The game will give them the chance to be famous actors, and they can build their fame around the world while living their dream.

Key Features

  • Visit your friends, watch their movies, and have fun. Tell the world what you have achieved!
  • Media attention is high when you are a celebrity! Prepare yourself for tabloid cover photos because paparazzi are waiting outside your home to take your photo.
  • You’ll find new locations and features as you play the game! Explore Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Manhattan as well as Las Vegas!
  • Live the dream by meeting the sexiest Hollywood celebrities and hanging out with them in exotic locations at large events.
  • Make your own perfume and fashion line with a celebrity endorsement. Become a megastar!
  • Meet the designers and try on a unique fashion gown designed just for you.
  • Get access to blockbuster films and auditions! Get followers and promote your film!
  • Create your own movie star! Choose your clothing, hairstyles and make-up to create your avatar. Create a lasting impact on the film industry!

Hollywood Story MOD APK (Unlimited money) Download

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