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Gun Hero: Archero Shooting v1.57 MOD APK (God Mode, Money)

Gun Hero: Archero Shooting v1.57 MOD APK (God Mode, Money)

Gun Hero is a shooting game with a simple but addictive operation. Players will choose a hero character and the weapon they want to use. With flexible manipulation, shoot down the monsters that are attacking you and successfully open a new level.

Gun Hero: Archero Shooting


In the fantasy world of Gun Hero, only two forces exist. It’s heroes and monsters. The monsters are increasing day by day and are about to invade the world. The player is a member of the hero faction. You have a treasure trove of hero types; use them to fight monsters.

Players can unlock new heroes by using money to buy, and that amount can be earned from passing levels or received from daily rewards. Besides the variety of heroes, you will have the opportunity to meet many different types of monsters at each level. The bigger the monsters, the more benefits they get from capturing them.

Gun Hero: Archero Shooting Gun Hero: Archero Shooting


The movement of the game is effortless. There is a touch circle on the screen. When you touch it and push it in the direction you want, your character will move. There will be a gun icon in the right corner of the interface. When you click on it, the weapon will release attacks. In this game, the most difficult thing is that the player must both move and shoot at the enemy. If you just stand still to shoot, monsters will quickly attack you.


This game has a lot of levels and no limit to the number of times to play. At each level, the player will start with a full health line. When hit by a bullet from a monster, the health line will gradually decrease until it runs out of health, which means you have lost. If you win, you will be able to unlock a new level. Conquer all the most challenging levels and become the superhero of this game!

Gun Hero: Archero Shooting Gun Hero: Archero Shooting


  • Your mission is to destroy all the monsters to unlock the next world.
  • Move with a simple touch of the circle, press the gun icon to launch attacks monsters
  • Combine moving and shooting to be able to dodge monsters’ attacks and defeat them
  • Countless super difficult levels with monster upgrades. Win the current level to unlock more levels in turn
  • Use the money received after each victory to unlock a new hero. Game variety of characters: heroes and monsters in each level

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