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Going Balls

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Going Balls, a game of the “run” type but in a new and completely different version. Instead of a human player, you will be controlling a ball. The most attractive things about the game are its many stages, with their unique and new scenery. You will have to get the ball across the finish line. There are some challenges along the way. Take on all challenges and win!

Bring the ball to the finish line by quickly dodging obstacles.

It is easy to play: you only need two keys for left and right, the ball will run automatically at a constant speed. There is no way there will be no challenge along the way. The obstacles, such as the inclined boards and moving blocks are what make it difficult. If you accidentally touch an obstacle, your ball’s speed will drop or, worse still, it may explode and cause you to lose. It is difficult to control the ball as it runs, so your flexibility is key.

There are many exciting journeys to be had at each level

There are many new levels. The game allows players to explore different running tracks and terrains. The graphics in Going Balls are well thought out, as each scene is different and has its own personality. You can unlock the next level by completing this stage!


There will be money rows on each road. To collect gold coins, move the ball so that it touches them. Gold coins can be used to buy new balls and layers. The game’s shop offers a variety of choices at different prices.

Compete and Climb the Top Rank with Friends

There are multiple game modes in Going Balls including singles, doubles and multiplayer. Single-player mode is the default mode when players first begin playing. The ball will be controlled by you to reach the finish line. In duo mode you will both start at the same time and the system will determine the winner based on how long it takes to complete the course. In multiplayer mode you’ll be racing with a large number of players, and using the same form of calculation as duels mode. Invite your friends to join you to reach the top of the leaderboards as quickly as possible.

Each trip lasts less than five minutes. This game is also a great way to relax when you only have a few minutes available. The game is available anywhere and anytime. It can even be played without an internet connection.


  • Use flexible hand gestures to move your ball away from obstacles that could damage it
  • The ball’s speed will slow down when it hits an obstacle; if the impact is strong, it may explode or be pushed off the track
  • Run the ball into the money strips to collect more gold coins.
  • Save money by buying new balls in the store.
  • Play with your friends and enjoy many modes to reach the top of the leaderboards

Go Balls MOD APK v1.72 (Unlimited Money Download)

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