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Goat Simulator Waste of Space v2.0.3 MOD APK + OBB (Full Unlocked)

Goat Simulator Waste of Space v2.0.3 MOD APK + OBB (Full Unlocked)

Goat Simulator Waste of Space is a strange simulation game about a goat’s space vandalism. Unlike previous versions of the game, the player will take the player to travel to outer space, on a spaceship or spaceship, and create a special mark for the player with discoveries beyond imagination. This is a unique simulation game that increases interactivity with new destructive games and provides players with extremely interesting experiences.

Goat Simulator Waste of Space


You have passed the zombie apocalypse in Goat Z and befriended the robot characters in the computational world of Goat Simulator Waste of Space. There is nothing left on Earth for you to do, and you have to leave Earth and travel into strange new space.

You will control the goat and build yourself a solid space colony by gobbling people and stealing their money, this may seem crazy to some, but it also has its own interesting things. To do that, you have to build a simulator for training needs, a space museum, or even a spaceship of your own to shoot down asteroids and space pirates. Besides, you can also use your own planes to travel to planets near your colony.

Goat Simulator Waste of Space


Crowdfund is a space colony created by goats for people to come here to work and get paid. However, this is just a model to train the goat’s need to “butt” people, and you will have to control the goat to gorge the people who work here and anything to get money. The circular move bar is located on the left side to control the goat, such as turning it bright left, right, running forward, backward. As for the goat’s skills, such as ramming, flying high, it will be on the right side of the screen.

You have to move the cockroach to run to areas with people and objects to ram and get money and pay attention and avoid human attacks. When attacked, you will fall and faint, then regain consciousness and continue your devastating journey. Goat Simulator Waste of Space seems to be a myth. Still, it has brought extremely high entertainment with the interaction of the goat with the surrounding environment, not thanks to the compelling content or story like other simulation games that you used to play.

Goat Simulator Waste of Space


Players can use their spaceships and space vehicles to fly and bombard asteroids, and space pirates, at the same time, can explore the vast space of the universe. The developer simulates everything uniquely and attractively, and players will fight and shoot down other space planes.

Alternatively, you can venture out to the neighboring planets of your colony to explore and see them through the glass doors of your spaceship. There will be many asteroids near you with endless space, and you will use the game’s control system to easily move your ship near those planets.


Finding humans to butt and money boxes in Goat Simulator Waste of Space is very difficult, so the maps will detail and fully simulate the location of people so you can easily navigate to. The maps are designed to be the most extensive ever and give players a more general and intuitive view of their space colony.

Goat Simulator Waste of Space

With this exciting game, you will no longer have to dream of a space colony because the game already owns a beautiful 3D graphics platform for you to explore. The space in the game is simulated extremely realistically and modernly with many space facilities, human workplaces. People are also sketched like in real life, giving players a more realistic experience with outer space. Besides, the game’s sound is also amusing and dramatic that makes the player attracted, and at the same time, combined with the goat’s cry and the sound of its back and butt.

This is a space destruction game that seems brutal but extremely interesting and gives players exciting space explorations. You will explore asteroids and Earth with the game’s vivid 3D graphics. Your task is to ram people and money boxes to get money. Besides, you will fight asteroids and space pirates. If you want to explore outer space, you should not miss this interesting and unique game.

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