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Ghosts of War v0.2.18 MOD APK + OBB (Menu/Ammo, God Mode, Wall hack)

Ghosts of War v0.2.18 MOD APK + OBB (Menu/Ammo, God Mode)

Ghosts of War v0.2.18 MOD APK + OBB (Menu/Ammo, God Mode)

Action game of the FPS genre Ghosts of War MOD APK v0.2.18 aims to bring people the most refreshing experiences through fierce battlefields with a WW2 theme.

Ghosts of War MOD APK


Ghosts of War introduces everyone to unique game modes that perfectly match the WW2 battlefield scene along with many humorous scenarios All modes will dramatically change each faction’s gameplay and rules and scale the map to create more vibrant high-paced atmospheres but players can take advantage of many of the features or mechanics needed for the ultimate combat experience across various weapons or vehicles from WW2.


Ghosts of War MOD APK


The Ghosts of War MOD APK takes full advantage of the 3D graphics system to enjoy the vivid battlefield through a first-person perspective packed with intuitive controls The player’s interaction with the environment is diverse, allowing them to change tactics or perform tricks to destroy opponents.


Weapon systems and combat vehicles in Ghosts of War will make the battlefield more vivid and fierce than ever but Everyone can enjoy the game in various unique ways while collaborating with teammates in using effective means to penetrate the opponent’s defenses and the weapon customization system is also full of creativity and depth for people to change their fighting style often.


Ghosts of War MOD APK



In Ghosts of War MOD APK, If players have grown tired of the atmosphere or pacing from the multiplayer game modes, they can relax through the single-player modes.


Aside from the complexity and depth of Gameplay or otherwise, Ghosts of War boasts a state-of-the-art 3D graphics engine. Still, It also has many perfect optimizations for players to have the most stable experience even through large battlefields with an intense rush from realistic effects. and the weather element is also a great addition.



Main themes

Themes of War:

  • The Cost of War: The game could depict the brutality and devastating consequences of war, showcasing the physical and emotional toll it takes on soldiers and civilians alike.
  • Loss and Sacrifice: The loss of life and the sacrifices made by soldiers during wartime could be a central theme.
  • Camaraderie and Brotherhood: The importance of teamwork and the bonds forged between soldiers in the face of adversity could be explored.
  • The Trauma of War: The game portrays the psychological impact of war on soldiers, exploring themes of PTSD and survivor’s guilt.


Related themes to “Ghosts”:

  • The Supernatural: If the game incorporates “ghosts,” it could explore themes of the afterlife, unfinished business keeping spirits tethered to the mortal realm,
  • Haunted Battlefields: The ghosts represent the lingering spirits of fallen soldiers and haunting the battlefields where they lost their lives.
  • Unresolved Conflicts: The ghosts represent the unresolved conflicts and unfinished battles of the war that continue to linger.
  • Psychological Warfare: The ghosts are a psychological weapon used to terrify and demoralize enemy soldiers.

Possible Overlap Themes:

  • Haunted by the Past: The presence of ghosts symbolizes the characters being haunted by the atrocities of war or the ghosts of their fallen comrades.
  • Seeking Redemption: The ghosts might represent unfinished business or regrets the characters carry related to the war.
  • Moral Complexity: The war itself is portrayed as a morally ambiguous situation, leaving characters questioning the meaning of their actions and the ghosts they create.

Key Features


  • First-person shooter (FPS) or third-person shooter (TPS): The game could be played from either perspective but offers different approaches to combat.
  • World War 2 setting: The game would likely take place during World War 2 but potentially focus on specific historical battles and fictionalized war narratives.
  • Campaign mode: A single-player campaign could tell a story about soldiers fighting in the war, potentially with branching narratives or choices with consequences.
  • Multiplayer mode (uncertain): The game might have an online multiplayer mode where players compete in team-based battles or objective-based scenarios.

Features related to “Ghosts”:

  • Supernatural elements: The inclusion of “Ghosts” in the title suggests a possible supernatural twist. You might encounter ghostly enemies, have psychic abilities, or interact with the spirit world.
  • Horror elements (uncertain): The presence of ghosts could introduce horror elements to the game but with spooky environments, jump scares, or a suspenseful atmosphere.
  • Stealth mechanics (uncertain): The game has stealth mechanics where you avoid detection by ghostly entities and manipulate them to your advantage.

Other Possible Features:

  • Class system (uncertain): The game might offer different soldier classes with unique abilities and weapons, allowing players to specialize in roles like assault, support, or recon.
  • Weapon customization (uncertain): You can customize your weapons with attachments like scopes or grips to suit your playstyle.
  • Historical accuracy (uncertain): The level of historical accuracy could vary.

Additional Features:

Storytelling with a Twist:

  • Dual Perspective: Play the campaign from both the living and the spectral perspective.
  • Moral Choices with Ghostly Consequences: Your actions in the living world might influence the behavior of the ghosts.

Gameplay Mechanics with a Spectral Touch:

  • Ghostly Recon: Use the senses of ghosts to scout enemy positions, uncover hidden objectives, or eavesdrop on enemy plans.
  • Spectral Possession (uncertain): Take temporary control of enemy soldiers or even tanks, manipulating them from within to disrupt enemy formations or complete objectives.
  • Haunted Weapons: Certain weapons might be imbued with the spirits of fallen soldiers.
  • Environmental Puzzles with a Spectral Twist: Solve puzzles that involve manipulating ghostly entities or interacting with the spirit world.

Multiplayer with a Spectral Flair:

  • Ghost vs. Soldier Mode: One team plays as soldiers with advanced weaponry, while the other team plays as ghosts with stealth and disruption abilities.
  • Cooperative “Exorcism” Mode: Players work together to exorcise a haunted battlefield, cleansing it of evil spirits and completing objectives before they are overrun.
  • Persistent Haunts: The actions of players in online battles could leave a spectral imprint on the map but affect future matches with lingering effects or ghostly AI enemies.


Name: Ghosts of War

Publisher: XDEVS LTD

Size: 826M

Genre: Action

Latest version:0.2.18

MOD info: Menu/Ammo, God Mode


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