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Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter MOD APK (Premium Unlock)

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter will make you the hero if you can defeat the alien spaceships that are trying to destroy our world. Players will be immersed in thrilling space battles and control their spaceship to destroy an oncoming enemy. The number of enemies will increase, as well as their threat. You are invited to experience thrilling space battles. Let’s start fighting now.


You will need to use your flexible controls in order to snipe and move the enemy. To control the warship, players only have to touch their device’s color to avoid enemy ships or their return fire. Destroy the targets to stop them from reaching you. Join battles against the evil plotters.

The alien spaceships will always try to find a way to crash into you or drop bombs in order to destroy you. Both players dodge bombs while aiming to destroy enemy enemies. You can also move your ship to an area that has items for upgrading or weapons you like. It’s not easy to win, despite the simple gameplay. You must develop smart tactics to avoid being unjustly killed.


After each level the player will have to face more alien spaceships, and your enemies become stronger and more dangerous. Players will have to be cautious as the number of alien ships increases. In this space combat environment, you will encounter unexpected enemies. They also bring with them loot if they are destroyed.

These items give players abilities like increased barrels, shields and healing. You need to kill a lot of bad guys in order to obtain valuable items. The bosses will appear at the end of each level. They are the most powerful opponents, with the power to fight and the ability live longer. It is important to have a wide range of skills in order to avoid boss sniping. Many people have been killed by it.

Different Challenges and Multiple Rewards for the Winner

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter is a game that offers players a variety of missions to complete. More than 160 levels are available with a variety of thrilling gameplay. The final boss is the most dangerous. Players must destroy it to unlock new battle areas. It is difficult to defeat the boss at the very end of a level, but the rewards are worth it.

The game offers many challenges in addition to the final boss to keep players interested. To pass each level, you will need to demonstrate your dodging skill. Comet rain challenges require you to dodge and shoot at your enemies quickly. People will receive rewards such as gold coins for completing each task. Weapons include cannons, guns and armor.


You can upgrade the firepower of your spaceship to eliminate the bad guys quicker by upgrading your combat skills. After each upgrade, your weapon will knock out your opponent instantly. Upgrades require a certain amount to be made. Use the money that you earn to make your weapons more powerful. Upgrades are available for the latest and most advanced spacecraft. Each type of spaceship will have a different fighting style. Buy a lot of spaceships to intensify the battle. You must be cautious and avoid colliding with enemy ships, or getting hit by their shots, if you wish to stop the battle. Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter offers players online battle modes such as 1vs1, 1vs3, and more. You can compete against other players from around the world and earn yourself a good ranking.

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter is a space shooter that offers players a highly addictive experience with intense battles. High-quality graphics bring players to intense boss battles. Experience epic sniper scenes, destroying the evil plots of invasion to the earth. Climb aboard your ship and win diverse battles. Test your sniper abilities to become a hero in the universe.

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