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Galaxiga v24.30 MOD APK (Menu, One Hit, God Mode)

Space shooters with a classic style always have unique features that attract many players. Galaxiga: Classic Arcade Game is one of the best games in this genre. It is a sci-fi shooting game with a familiar gameplay. But it has many new features that will make your experience truly memorable.



Galaxiga is a great choice for those who love the classic shooter genre. The players will engage in dramatic gunfights with aliens. Players will face real dangers when they play the game. They must stop the evil bosses with their armies and stop them. The game has many enemies that will add drama and epic to each match.

As you progress in the game, each attack will take place at a greater scale. The number of enemies is also multiplied by the beautiful shooting from the infinite space. Will you be able to overcome the many evil enemies and bosses that will appear in this war with such challenges? Are you confident that you can survive until the end, and win the victory you deserve. Your skill and persistence are key.



This game will take players to a vast space of the galaxy. The players will be able to fire only by controlling a spaceship and shooting at the many targets in front of them. The game is played in a modern style of fighting. Players can move around or play the way they like. You can win by demonstrating your shooting abilities and flexible target control.

This game has many new features including a multiplayer mode, combat abilities, and much more. The game retains its rustic, familiar feel. The classic interface will make players feel at home. Galaxia also resembles arcade shooter games such as Galaxia or Galactica.


Major Supply Gameplay and Item Collection

Galaxiga’s simple controls will help new players get the hang of it quickly. Touching the screen to move weapons and adjusting it in any direction is all that players need. The player must also dodge enemy attacks by sliding the spaceship downward. Use the two different shooting skills offered by the game, including rapid-fire and single-shot.

Players should not only focus on the dangerous bosses but also collect items that appear frequently during the game. These items are coins or gems. Players can use these items to upgrade weapons, change them or create new items. Gather as many items as possible to be prepared to battle against powerful enemies.



Players can choose between a single player or multiplayer mode, with up to three players. The cooperative multiplayer mode allows you to make new friends, train and build a strong team, and learn many enemy skills. Players can also join global leaderboards when they lead a successful team of their teammates.

This game’s highlight is probably the graphic design. The classic Pixel graphics make the image look like it’s from another time. The use of vibrant colors creates a vivid appearance, but each frame is also equally detailed. The ultimate image quality is optimized for Android devices.

Galaxia is one of the leading arcade shooters available today. The game features a simple user interface, a gameplay that is full of epic battles and a graphics quality that is exceptionally high. The perfect combination of factors ensured that the player received enthusiastic support from the very first launch. This is the perfect choice for those who love classic space shooters.

Galaxiga v24.30 MOD APK (Menu, One Hit, God Mode) Download

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