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Free Download Tower of God: New World

 Tower Climbin’ with Bam: Tower of God: New World is Here!

Calling all climbing enthusiasts (and anime fans)! Buckle up because the legendary Tower from “Tower of God” is open for business on your phone with “Tower of God: New World”! This brand new mobile RPG by Netmarble lets you create your own Slayer and embark on an epic adventure alongside Bam, Khun, Rak, and the whole crew.

Tower of God: New World - Apps on Google Play

Familiar Faces, Fresh Story

The game looks just like the webtoon you love: vibrant, stylish, and bursting with the unique character designs that make “Tower of God” so awesome. You’ll get to meet all your faves, but that’s not all! “New World” has a whole new story set in the same world. You get to be a brand new Slayer, climbing the Tower and making your own mark.

Tower of God: New World - Apps on Google Play

Strategic Brawls and Sweet Teamwork

The battles in “Tower of God: New World” are fast-paced and exciting. You’ll build a team of Slayers, each with their own special skills and cool elemental powers (think fire, water, you get the idea). The key to winning is figuring out how your team works best together. Maybe Bam and Khun will be your dream duo, or maybe you’ll discover a whole new powerhouse combo! Plus, the best part? You don’t have to grind forever to level up your team. Resources are shared, so you can experiment and find the perfect squad for you.

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More Than Just Climbing

Climbing the Tower is fun, but there’s a whole lot more to do in “Tower of God: New World.” Explore hidden areas like the dark and mysterious Floor of Tests, or visit the bustling marketplace of Zahard’s City. Take on special challenges based on iconic locations from the webtoon, like the Death Floor or the Workshop Battle. You can even team up with friends in a Guild, conquer challenges together, and climb the leaderboards as a unit.

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Show Off Your Skills

Feeling competitive? “New World” has you covered. Battle other Slayers in PvP matches and see who reigns supreme on the Tower. Maybe you’ll even run into someone wielding a legendary weapon like Black March or Green April – talk about bragging rights!

The Webtoon Vibe

Whether you’ve devoured every chapter of “Tower of God” or are just starting your climb, “New World” has something for you. The game cleverly hints at the webtoon’s deeper lore, making you want to learn more (pssst, you should definitely check out the webtoon if you haven’t already!). Fans will love the familiar references and glimpses into the Tower’s hidden secrets, while newcomers can jump right in and enjoy the ride.

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The Adventure Never Ends

The developers are constantly adding new stuff to “Tower of God: New World.” New characters, inspired by the ever-growing cast of the webtoon, are always popping up, bringing fresh challenges and exciting stories. They even release special events and challenges based on specific arcs from the webtoon, letting you experience those moments from a whole new perspective. Basically, there’s always something new to discover and climb towards.

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So, what are you waiting for? Download “Tower of God: New World” today and start your own epic adventure up the Tower!

NAME: Tower of God: New World

PUBLISHER: Netmarble

GENRE: Adventure, Action

SIZE: 262 MB


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