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Forest Survival v0.1.1 beta MOD APK (Mega Mod)

Forest Survival v0.1.1 beta MOD APK (Mega Mod)

Forest Survival promises to be a game that gives players a lot of exciting experiences that they have never had in real life or any other game. If you are too familiar with the survival style on an island, then with this game, you will be able to try a new feeling even more. You alone are lost in the middle of a large forest with many dangers lurking, and you must do everything to survive.

Forest Survival


With games identified with the simulation genre, the first element that will need to be taken care of is the plot. A game with its own well-built storyline will certainly give its players a great experience. Understanding this, Forest Survival producers have invested a lot in research and development for their products with a really attractive plot.

The game’s main plot will be inspired by survival stories that are of great interest to many people. The game will bring you to a character who is facing a significant incident when he is lost on a deserted island after a catastrophic plane crash. Now you will be the one to continue the story for this character in the next stage by surviving, sheltering from the lurking and threatening dangers around you.

Forest Survival


And to give his players the best feel for the story, the gameplay will be the leader. Therefore, the main gameplay of this game is also identified with the simulation genre. With this type of play, game makers will be able to simulate in the most detail and truthfulness the character’s movements as well as emotions when facing difficulties.

Besides, building for Forest Survival, a challenge system, is also a huge success. Because a game is set in survival lives, the character’s life will have to face really great difficulties and need to be overcome thanks to his skills. From hunting for food, building facilities for shelter, defense, and continuing living will bring exciting feelings.

Forest Survival


  • Participate in a game built in the genre of play that simulates the character’s happenings and emotions.
  • The character will have to survive on a deserted island with an extremely attractive plot set from the plane crash.
  • Many tasks will be set with the player to be able to ensure the character’s life.
  • Danger always surrounds, and only great skills can overcome the game.
  • The game’s graphics are designed in detail, vividly and make survival more realistic.

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