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Football Strike MOD APK

Football Strike MOD APK Free Download (Menu, Always Score, Stupid Enemies)

This game is for you if you love soccer and want to play matches in multiplayer mode. You can create a team by searching and selecting the best players. Fight hard and win as many trophies as you can.

Football Strike MOD APK

Build and Create Yourself a Great Team

You can create your own team in Football Strike and join tournaments all over the world. Search and select players with unique skills and kick techniques to battle with them against many formidable competitors. You should show your passion and energy for football by creating historic goals and advancing in your career.

You can choose the color of your team’s shirt.

Football Strike allows you to select a shirt to represent your team and to demonstrate solidarity. The shirt can also contain many different meanings and values. The goalkeeper shirt will be a different colour to make it easier for players to distinguish. This helps avoid confusion within the team. Each team has the freedom to choose and create their own unique colors.

Play through many matches and travel to hundreds of different stadiums

Football Strike gives you the chance to play in exciting matches against hundreds of rival factions. You will also be able to visit many stadiums around the world. Play hard during the battle to bring glory to your nation and win the gold.


You should always discuss your kicks with your teammates before each match to find the best strategy. It will make it easier for your team to combine kicks, and thus win. You must also be objective and control yourself. Know how to deal with sudden events and the ball game in the most effective way, avoid making mistakes and break the rules.

Enjoy your passion for football

Football Strike matches are a great way to have fun. You will enjoy hours of laughter and entertainment with each game. You will receive a lot love and cheers from the fans. This is a powerful motivator to overcome all obstacles and score stunning goals. If you are a soccer expert and have some talent, you can show off your skills with perfect kicks.

Play and Challenge Different Opponents

Try playing against many different opponents to make the game more exciting and stressful. Join them and learn together. You will be able to identify the weaknesses in your team. You have also tried to improve your practice and found ways to correct those mistakes, so that you can play more easily in the future.

Enjoy Realistic Graphics

Football Strike brings you stunning graphics featuring tall, strong, and powerful football characters. The designer has rendered them perfectly, so that they look like real players. The football field, as well as the surroundings, are sketched in a very detailed, vibrant, and beautiful manner. Many players have been blown away by the work.


  • Create and build your team, and grow together to win the best goals and make your name known in world football history.
  • A solid cast of talented characters is combined with a realistic and beautiful turf area.
  • You can search for the best shirt for your team and compete with other teams from around the globe.
  • Players should be able to deal with all situations that may arise.
  • You will face many complex challenges during the fight, such as your health, spirit and so on. To overcome these obstacles, you need to find the most intelligent way to deal with them.

Football Strike MOD APK v1.44.5 (Menu – Always Score, Stupid enemies) Download

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