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Farming PRO Mod Apk

Farming PRO 3 Mod Apk Free Download (Unlimited Money)

You will have the opportunity to try a new career in Farming PRO 3. This is your chance to become the best farmer of this century. The game creates a realistic and vivid environment, where you can become a hardworking farmer and conquer the world. In the game you do not need to use your hands to perform tasks, instead, you can control advanced machines that will help with things like harvesting or cutting wood. You can also grow fruit and timber trees in addition to the rice tree.

Farming PRO Mod Apk


Farming PRO 3 is not your typical farming simulation. The player will learn advanced techniques to become a farmer. Every job, whether it’s cutting trees, cutting wood for firewood, or plowing the field, requires mechanical assistance. You can increase your productivity by using a variety of machines. You can control up to 60 types of vehicles in this game.

Farming PRO Mod Apk


In Farming PRO 3, you will find many different types of crops. You can choose from rice, wheat or corn, to radish. Then you have to follow the steps like a farmer. From plowing the soil and planting seeds to watering and caring for the plants and the entire garden. You must do all the work: sowing, harvesting, and tending to your garden. Groom the garden carefully one by one, until it becomes large.


You are a farmer in this game. You will be growing trees, and caring for and nurturing large and small cows. Keep yourself busy by completing the tasks and work that we provide. For your farm to grow, you must take active care of animals such as cows, buffalos or horses. The animals are harvested and grown until they are exported.

Farming PRO Mod Apk

Wooden Growth

You plan to develop a large farm with irrigation and proper care. Your farm will surely be the most popular area in Farming PRO 3! You will be rich in no time with your great care and management. Players will chop wood using a handsaw at the start of the game. Players can use woodsaws until they have enough money to purchase machinery.

Get Rewards

The most popular farm simulation game. The players can experience the same work as real farmers. Players are also faced with a variety of daily challenges, in addition to their main tasks. Players can earn special rewards by completing all these quests. You can get experience points to upgrade your care, or limited privileges.

Farming PRO Mod Apk

Becoming a rich trader

You will discover many different ways to manage and distribute work as you gain experience in Farming PRO 3. You can’t work and manage the farm all by yourself as the player grows. You can hire assistants who will help you with the work at the farm. This increases the efficiency of the work. Do not forget to sell your products on the market. You can become a wealthy merchant in the entire region by selling products that you have created.

Key Features

  • Join your friends and play multiplayer.
  • Different types of advanced farm machines.
  • Animals and plants need to be cared for.
  • You can harvest all sorts of products, including food, wood, and trees.
  • Market trading is a good way to earn money.

Download Farming PRO 3 APK + MOD (Unlimited money)

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