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Road Redemption Mobile

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Road Redemption Mobile, a racing game from the end of the century, uses cool music and motorcycles to the maximum. A post-apocalyptic society ruled by an evil dictator. Earn money by becoming a member of a biker group, winning races, assassinating, stealing, and completing various challenges.

Road Redemption Mobile

Add violence and RPG elements to racing games!

Use the tilt and button controls to manipulate the bike, while using your right hand and swipes you can do as much damage as possible. You can choose from multiple operation methods and customize the game to make it easy to use even on a smartphone. You can upgrade your bike, weapons and character by collecting loot.

Road Redemption Mobile


This is a motorcycle racing game similar to “Fist of the North Star”, “Mad Max”, and other high-speed games where the limits of violence are reached. It will burn. Do you remember the bike stage from “Nekketsu Kouha Kunio Kun “…?? The production is good, as are the graphics and missions!

Road Redemption Mobile


The game is unique because it’s a racing arcade game with roguelite training elements and automatically generated courses. You will want to play this over and over. Upgrades are carried over when you die and you can purchase enhancements only during each playthrough. What a great idea! Huh!

Road Redemption Mobile


  • Lots of options for operating
  • I could feel the strong desire to play on their mobile devices.
  • Use a variety weapons to beat the wastelands at high speeds!
  • This Mad Max worldview has a magnetic appeal. I am very particular about grabbing and kicking.
  • There are still sports cars in the post-apocalyptic universe. It may not be realistic, but it is uncouth to make fun of it.
  • Only an obstacle. It was pointless to try and beat him. The cars are very strong!
  • I love Gale Legend: Tokko No Taku and can’t stop myself from rising.
  • We’ll aim for the “other side of speed”. ? I am going to make minced beef! ?
  • Upgrade your weapons, stats and health by using the money you earn!
  • This RPG-ness plays a part in the overall ease of playing.
Road Redemption Mobile

Early Game Tips for ROAD REDEMPTION Mobile

Learn to control the bike and you will be able to cut through the riders in front of your! Sharp weapons work well against opponents wearing helmets. You’ll get firearms someday. You can spend the money to improve your strength or buy new weapons. Machines are not a barrier to our progress.

Road Redemption Mobile

Dying repeatedly to become stronger

In the post-apocalyptic universe, if your motorcycle goes hahaha, you will die instantly. This world is temporary… but you can upgrade your character, weapon, and bike every time you die. Complete missions to unlock brand new bikes!

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