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Elite Status MOD APK

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What would you do to fulfill the dreams of a billionaire? Find the unfindable, and do the impossible. Platinum Concierge employees are used to doing the impossible.

The interactive drama “Elite Status Platinum Concierge”, written by Emily Short and with additional content from Hannah Powell-Smith is a 500,000 word contemporary drama where your choices determine the story. The story is entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects. It’s powered by your imagination.

You can charter a helicopter in LA at the last minute to avoid rush hour traffic. Transporting a diamond and emerald necklace to three continents is possible. Organise a candlelit meal in a cave, with waiters rappelling the walls. No problem at all. You’re on top of all the latest brands, trends, and connections in the 21st Century.

You also see the dark side of the glittering world: the excesses, wastes, callousness, and sacrifices made by your colleagues to make the wishes of already wealthy people come true.

You’ll need all the professional skills you can muster as your client list grows. Will you grant your clients’ wishes even if they push you to the limit of legality, and sometimes over that line? No matter how bad your client’s misdeeds are, will you still cover them up? Will you convince them to take a different route? Will you go along for the ride and bask in their luxury lifestyle, perhaps even becoming wealthy yourself? Will you support your fellow concierges in their rise, or will betray them and undermine them?

What are you willing to sacrifice for your client? How close can you get? How high will your quest for wealth and authority take you?

* Choose to play as a male, female or nonbinary character; straight, gay or bisexual.
* Mix with Hollywood stars and tech moguls. Meet art lovers, Hollywood celebrities, and many more!
Join a global network of concierges. What secrets can you learn from these concierges?
* Explore the world in search of the best objects and experiences to offer your clients
You can either stick to your principles, donate your fortune and run from the consequences or you can break all laws and escape the consequences.
* Romance an adventurous co-worker or a tech millionaire, or even your suave, experienced boss.

It’s your responsibility to help each client reach the Elite Status.

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