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Dungeon Dogs v3.1.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Dungeon Dogs, a role-playing idle game that is equally as interesting, promises you many chances to join in the battle. You need to collect over 100 hero dogs to be able participate in unique missions. Create a plan to help them defeat the forces who have been dominating them for so many years. Don’t forget to use powerful weapons when joining the battle. Players can upgrade their heroes’ strength and support weapons.

The game allows you to control heroes and collect unique items.

This game is a role-playing idle-action that will give you many thrilling, but equally exciting battles. Create a unique war strategy for your dog hero characters. Organize your forces in a way that gives you the best chance of winning. You can either join them in battle or leave them to fight alone if you are busy. Do not waste your time or opportunity. Collect unique items that your enemies have left behind. Use them to upgrade characters.

Create a collection of more than 100 dogs with unique characteristics and powers

Dungeon Dogs allows players to upgrade their heroes, and create and improve the most advanced crafting system. All your devices are unique and have the most powerful features. The game allows players to build collections of more than 100 heroes dogs. Each dog has unique powers and characteristics that are impossible to predict. They also have different fighting abilities. Train them and make sure they get the right exercises.

Character Options Change Frequently, Including Costumes & Skills

You can join your character in the battle. You can help them come up with strategies or take over the fight if you feel it’s not right. When you first play this game, your hero dog will have special abilities and looks. You can change their appearance and powers by using different options. Your heroes will fight with the utmost seriousness if you lead them. You can unlock different perks if you lead your heroes to victory.

Dungeon Dogs lets you unlock new combat abilities by using the rewards and chances of winning. You can also change their costumes and characteristics. Make your heroes different and create new versions. You can customize and change the character of the clan’s leader in many ways. To keep them fresh, players can collect over 100 items including costumes and characteristics.


The plot is very interesting, as you already know. Unique features and fierce battles are also included. Join Lyra or Poppy as they set off on an exciting adventure to the fascinating Wars of Lupinia. You can then join in the fierce battles to overthrow the evil cat king. It threatens and oppresses you, the dog people.

The Never-ending Challenges: Succeeding in more than 85 missions

Dungeon Dogs will always give you challenging missions and more than 85 exciting battles. You can only win the wars if you are able to complete them. Regularly increasing the challenges is a special feature. You will never be able to complete the missions you set out in this game. You can join in the war anywhere, anytime. The combat force will also be augmented with secondary heroes.

Key Features

  • If you have the time, collect all the valuable items for upgrading your character.
  • Collect a group of heroic dog characters with unique traits and superpowers.
  • You can customize the characters to your liking. This will allow you to unlock different combat skills. The more powerful the character, the greater the chances of winning.
  • Unlock many costumes & traits, customize your hero in different shapes. More unique items for clan leader.

The game will continue to be updated if the players request it. It has dozens of challenging battles and countless levels.

Dungeon Dogs v3.1.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

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