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Drop The Number MOD APK

Drop The Number MOD APK(Crunch Numbers /Unlimited Coins)

Drop The Number ™ is the perfect game to help you train your brain if you’re bored of horror and fighting games. The game looks easy, but a simple mistake can make you “dumbfounded”. You need to find two numbers with the same value and close together to create a bigger number. Do not just move the numbers. Think about what you will do next so that you aren’t left behind.

Drop The Number MOD APK


This game will challenge you to solve a blackboard filled with colorful numbers. Drop The Number ™ shows you the numbers, and you can see what you have to do to overcome them. Calculate your next steps to ensure you don’t get stuck and can continue. When you combine two numbers that have the same value, the numbers will show you the value. This will allow you to know what the next block will be.


This will be a very interesting idle game that helps you to train your brain. It also increases patience in a way that is unprecedented. Drop The Number(tm), as it has no limits, takes a long time to complete. Play and beat your old record to get more new results. You need to be careful when playing this game because it does not track the time spent in the process.

Drop The Number MOD APK


You will never have to worry about the outcome of a game because we publish it every time two adjacent blocks are broken. Your score will increase step-by-step each time you match up two numbers. You will get a high or low score depending on how much the number is worth. The lower the number is, the lower your score. Your results will be displayed on the gold board along with your ranking.

When matching two blocks that are corresponding, the vibrations will be felt.

The vibration will let players know if they’ve gained more points by matching the block. When you match the blocks, the number of points and the sounds or vibrations of the game increase. In Drop The Number ™, the players are required to be very rational in order to plan the next moves of numbers. When the numbers are all on screen and there isn’t a match, the game ends.

Drop The Number MOD APK


This game will grab your attention with its unique features, and above all, the simple gameplay. The game is accessible to all ages and genders thanks to its simple gameplay. The game’s beautiful interface and its popularity among young people are two of the reasons why it is listed as one of the best games for stress relief. Each number will have a different color if you use colorful numbers.


You have no excuse to miss Drop The Number(tm). The game is easy to understand, from the gameplay to the interface. This game works offline, so you can play it wherever you like. You can play anywhere even without an internet connection.

Main features:

  • A screen will display colorful numbers that indicate the next block to be completed.
  • This game is a great way to train your brain and increase patience, as it has no end.
  • Display the results on the gold board each time you fail and can’t move to the next level.
  • When you match two numbers, the device vibrates and a sound is heard.
  • It is popular because it has a beautiful interface, is simple to play, and does not require the Internet.

Drop The Number MOD APK (Unlimited Coins Download)

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