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Driving School Sim

Driving School Sim MOD APK(Endless Money/Premium Unlocked)

The game Driving School Sim was created for car racing enthusiasts. This program simulates driving a racing vehicle and showing off your skills. As you enter this mysterious world, you will see a large collection of high-end racing cars. You can also play in racing mode or learn mode to improve your steering.

Driving School Sim


Your secret treasure contains a huge collection of cars, with over 150, and it grows every week. This is the father of the vehicles of the world’s most famous high-end and luxury brands. The collection also contains a wide range of cars that players can choose from when taking part in a race or a new course. These include Drive sports car, SUVs and Sedans as well as Supercars, Hypercars and Hatchbacks.

Driving School Sim


Driving School Sim 2020 welcomes players into a virtual world with a series of cities. You are not just here to race cars, but to enjoy the beauty of nature and travel in all four directions. You will be immersed in the highways that are surrounded by mountains and covered in snow or deserts with golden sand.

Driving School Sim


You can conquer more than 80 different levels, each with a challenge that increases in difficulty. These difficulties are caused by competitors. At the beginning, you will be able to ride against new, inexperienced riders, but as your level increases, you’ll face heavier opponents. The majority of the racers are older, experienced riders who have traveled around the globe for many years.

Driving School Sim

Where to find the best races, courses, and trips?

Driving School Sim – 2020 is unique in that it offers a variety of game modes. Until now, you can choose between three game modes: Race Mode, Free Ride mode and Learn Mode. Choose the first mode if you want to see the scenery, but not participate. Press the button for the racing mode if you want to race right away. If you want to beat your opponent, and not just in the competition itself, then you should be constantly adding knowledge by participating in the Learning mode.

Driving School Sim

Chat with Friends

Driving School Sim – 2020 also includes a multiplayer mode that allows you to compete against your friends in racing events. You can also invite your friends to join the Free Ride, an enjoyable journey through beautiful scenery while talking about cars.


You will know how to operate manual and clutch transmissions when you attend Driving School Sim 2020 courses. You will be guided from the basics to professional operation with an automatic transmission or gear lever. You can also control the control system of the car with unique options, whether you want to drive using buttons, tilt or even touch-sensitive steering wheels. We also have an automatic driving feature which promises great experiences.

Key Features

  • There are more than 150 cars to test drive. New ones are added regularly!
  • You can find a large number of realistic, detailed maps.
  • A car that feels smooth and realistic
  • Each city map has different tests!
  • There are over 80 levels of difficulty.
  • The Free Ride, Race, and Learn modes are all available.
  • Race and Free Ride is one of the two online multiplayer modes that are available.
  • Interiors with ambient lighting and detailed interiors of vehicles
  • The Damage System has been Improved.
  • Refueling system at petrol stations
  • Transmission in manual mode
  • A touch steering wheel, buttons and tilt steering are available.
  • Online leaderboards and achievements.
  • Real engine sounds have been added.
  • Future weather conditions
  • You can request new maps or cars on our social media pages!
  • Supports controllers so that you can play with your Gamepad!

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