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Drift Max Pro

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Drift Max Pro Car Drifting Games with Racing Cars takes you on a journey around the world to see spectacular races with colorfully decorated cars. You can challenge other players after customizing your racing car. Step into the cockpit and start the vehicle. Adjust the steering wheel and you are ready to face the challenges and new experiences ahead.

Drift Max Pro


Beat your opponents in multiplayer mode to claim the top spot on the leaderboards. You will have the chance to meet players from all over the world. They are high-class racers that have achieved great success in this game. Players can select from two racing modes: Classic Drift or Racing. Join the battle now to find out your true strength.

Drift Max Pro

Changing your car color can show you who you are.

Drift Max Pro now allows you to change the color of your racing car in a single note. You can choose between two different color styles, matte and ordinary paint. You can create unique car models with the decal system. They will never appear in another version. Players can also change the color of the hood and door to make it look different. This will definitely look more appealing than sticking images and symbols.

Drift Max Pro

Customize the Competition Parameter

Drift Max Pro offers a wide range of unique glasses in different colors and shapes that you can add to your car. We also allow you to customize the color of your rims, in addition to speed, engine and brake ,…. Customize as you wish. The suspension height can be customized with different parameters.

Drift Max Pro


You will be able to compete in professional races with competitors from all over the world. It promises you a great experience with more than ten races and hundreds of challenges. It is described as being in the street, with thousands of people cheering and watching them cross the pass or climb the mountain.

Drift Max Pro

Different Play Modes from Simple to Professional

Drift Max Pro will suit most players. Whether you are a newcomer to the game or a seasoned hero, each player has their own unique mode. We currently offer a variety of ways to play, including Daily Track Races, Classic Drift Races, Slalom Drifting, etc. You can conquer the obstacles in each mode.


Drift Max Pro allows you to control the camera from three different angles. You can select the camera that will change your perspective. The player may choose a subjective viewpoint from inside the car, or an alternative idea from onlookers. You can also observe your opponent from the outside the car, allowing you to develop the best strategy.

Key Features

  • Realistic physical features of drifting
  • Graphics for a new generation of drift racing
  • Tour some of the world’s most beautiful cities, including New York and Tokyo. Brooklyn
  • Red Square, Moscow, Russia during the daytime or at night in the United States of America
  • You can take control of the vehicle from the inside.
  • Strive to become the fastest driver on the road! Compete with friends and players around the world to win victories and establish your reputation as an elite racing driver.
  • Build a high performance upgrade package for your drifting racing car.

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