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Dreaming Dimension: Deck Hero v1.1.7 MOD APK (Free Shopping)

Dreaming Dimension: Deck Hero v1.1.7 MOD APK (Free Shopping)

In recent times, card games have become a favorite for many players. One of the most loved related games is Dreaming Dimension – Deck Hero. This is a card game of the hero strategy card genre, and the player will play the role of an adventurer dragged into a dream world. This game has become an attractive platform with excellent levels for many players today.

Dreaming Dimension: Deck Hero


As one of the card games, Dreaming Dimension – Deck Hero has brought many new points for players to stop by. In fact, this is a card game developed based on rogue-like elements that bring many surprises to players. Different from some games, it has more highlights and allows the player to take the card role of an adventurer in a fantastic dream world. Here, players will face many enemies and defeat them to survive.

Dreaming Dimension: Deck Hero


To be honest, Dreaming Dimension – Deck Hero about playing is not too difficult for players. When participating in the game in battles, the player is given a maximum of 5 cards in their hand. Each card represents a spell such as defense, confrontation, healing, or countering an enemy. In a dream, the player will have to face many powerful enemies constantly, and the player should know how to use the right cards to fight that monster system.

Dreaming Dimension: Deck Hero


Players will have to proceed with the game; each turn will have to encounter many random enemies that the player will never be repeated in the game. Not only that, but players also have the opportunity to explore many types of talent maps to find more clues of those cards. The player should choose the appropriate card to use against the enemy when encountering each enemy.

Overall, it is a dream card game at its best and has many special features that are updated regularly and offer the best experience for players.

Dreaming Dimension: Deck Hero


  • Enter a DBG card world with many stories from reality to dreams.
  • The turn-based tactical gameplay mechanics system is like a fascinating faker.
  • Diverse challenge system and many exciting game modes for players to experience in turn.
  • Explore the world of cards and continue to unlock various unique maps to progress further.
  • Fight and perform card games according to rogue-like tactics that make players addicted.

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