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Disney Emoji Blitz

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Disney Emoji Blitz allows players to enter a world full of Disney emojis. You will be spending time completing the many levels of the game and completing the required tasks. You will also be able unlock different emojis, which is the main motivation for players. You can participate in many events.

Join Halloween Events and Unlock Amazing New EMOJIS

The current version of Disney Emoji Blitz allows players to participate in two exciting events that take place in October, Hocu Pocus & Haunted mansion. The two events are held in a Halloween-style and take place simultaneously. To unlock the impressive rewards, you will have to participate in different levels. This version brings you two new emojis, Billy and Ghost Hitchhiker Phineas. It will be worth your time to unlock these emojis.

The variety of tasks, rewards and prizes is an interesting aspect when you take part in this event. You will then try to collect as many points in the match three levels as you can. When choosing emojis for the match, the players must also pay attention to the recommendations that the game offers. You will earn more points if you choose the recommended emojis.

Experience Match-Three Gameplay with Disney Characters

You will be blown away by the Disney Emoji Blitz match elements. The characters are familiar to many, and the game will appeal to everyone. This game’s gameplay is simple: You will be participating in the game screen by matching three or more emojis.

The game is a match-three, but it is interesting that there is no requirement to complete a certain number of levels in the same way as Candy Crush Saga. Players will need to be aware of the time factor. When you reach a certain number of emojis, the emoji energy bar will fill. This can be seen to be the character who supports you in this video game.


In Disney Emoji Blitz you will find a variety of emojis. Each one has a special feature that helps players to earn more points. To use this skill, the player will have to match up a certain number of emojis. Click on the emojis after the energy bar has been filled. The skill will then be executed immediately. You can also collect more points by using an energy bar that has a rainbow-cloud icon.

You will be able to see your progress after each level. The experience bar for emojis was also increased and the points value was also improved. The money you earn through the different levels will be used to unlock new emojis. It’s more fun to open your favorite character and play through different levels. This is a game you can’t ignore.

Disney Emoji Blitz v58.3.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

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