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Defense Zone 3 HD MOD APK

Defense Zone 3 MOD APK Free Download (Unlimited Money, Power)

Defense Zone 3 is a new installment in the Tower Defense series. This series is known for its classic systems. This is a standard TD system that uses a turret to intercept enemies that are invading your route. The game has many usability features, such as the grid display that appears when you install the turret. You can also freely select the target for the turret and the order of priorities. It is a very difficult level. If you enjoy TD games, then please give it a try.

Defense Zone 3 HD MOD APK


Defense Zone 3 has a feature that allows for fine-tuning of the turret, while still being a standard TD. This creates a whole new strategy. It is important to note that the turret may be configured in different ways than simply installing or strengthening. If you only target the enemy on the ground and you choose to not target the attack, you won’t be able aim, even though you have the option to attack them in the air. You can also specify which enemy is within the range of the attack, so you can incorporate this into your strategy to create one that will defeat the enemy.

Defense Zone 3 HD MOD APK

The key is to place the route in a way that it does not even damage it.

To capture Defense Zone 3, you must damage the entire map. This is the foundation of TD. The map has a meandering route from the start, so grab the positions where you can do damage many times.

You can harden your turrets in the beginning of the route. However, it is better to keep the strength constant at certain points and continue to do damage. You can also reduce the number missed shots if you make the interceptor turret exclusive for the aviation unit. Use the turret setting correctly!

Defense Zone 3 HD MOD APK


You can try the first stage completely if you have cleared it. The first stage.

Start by gaining a general understanding of the situation, including the location where the turret could be placed and terrains that are easily attacked. You can use Hellfire at high speed with increased attack power if you upgrade it to level 2 or above. You can use it for a limited time and get a temporary boost. This is only for the most difficult enemies!

Defense Zone 3 HD MOD APK

Combining turrets can be very important. The attack power can increase by many times depending on where you place the turrets, so think carefully. You can use drop items as well as the turret. Use air attacks when you need to! You can use land mines as a powerful trump card. Set them near your goal.

Defense Zone 3 HD MOD APK

You will lose physical strength if you miss your shot. Survive the waves (attacks turns) to prevent it from reaching zero! Air force will be added as the stage progresses. Prepare for the best interceptions by adjusting the target of the turret.

Defense Zone 3 HD MOD APK (Unlimited money) Download

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