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Dark Riddle v22.2.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Menu, Unlocked)

Dark Riddle offers players a thrilling experience as they search for items and avoid the pursuit of the house owner. The player is required to search in many locked rooms for keys which appear in other rooms. The targets that are difficult to defeat will also change as you move from one location to another. You can then use your weapons against these targets.


You will be given the task in Dark Riddle to enter a neighbor’s home and discover what is happening. You will be surprised to find that the house has many locks that prevent anyone from entering. You can still get into the house if you take the time and look around. The owner will also be able identify you, and will try to catch you no matter what.

The first-person view allows players to control their character and experience the thrills of this game. You’ll need to be stealthy and run away every time you see the owner of the home you’re partnering with. You can also interact with the environment and store items in your backpack for use in certain situations. A map is also available to help you navigate.

Use the map to discover the secrets of your house

You will be taught some useful mechanics when you begin Dark Riddle. For example, you can use the surrounding elements to jump in to the yard, or throw broken glass. You must also pay attention to your map element, because it can either become clearer or lose its signal depending on the time you are experiencing it. You will have to memorize a part of the map to prevent it from disappearing. It can also appear again after a time.

You can choose to move into the house when the owner is not there and look for suspicious areas. After completing the first level you will discover that a research area is located below the house and that a layer of protection protects it. You will then have to locate a smartphone that has the code you need to access it. The process to reach this smartphone is very difficult and involves many stages.

As we have already mentioned, players are able to interact with the game, select any element and put it into their backpack. You will also take the time and explore their usefulness, rather than ignoring them due to their appearance. The head of the toy is a key that will lead you to another room. You can also find different keys made of different materials to help you unlock the locks.

Face dangerous enemies with weapons

You will always face danger in Dark Riddle. The first thing you should be aware of is the owner. Find a hiding place from him. He might recognize you and want to catch you. After going to the underground area for research, the player is faced with surveillance AIs. They can easily identify you and attack you, if you’re not careful.

You can find weapons and dodge your enemies in addition to the items you need to solve puzzles. You can interact with Mr.Cao to find the items or you can search for them in other rooms. They also have some interesting effects, such as freezing the enemies for 15 seconds or destroying consoles to unlock the room.

The players will attempt to break into a house in order to discover its secrets.

  • The players will use their items to unlock the door and enter the house in different ways.
  • Stock up on the items you feel necessary. Some items look normal but are actually used to unlock the room.
  • Sometimes, you may be chasing enemies and the map won’t have a signal. This can make it difficult to navigate.
  • The AIs and house owners that attack or make security will attempt to capture you in each level.
  • In addition to unlockable items, the player can find different weapons such as ice guns which paralyze their enemies for 15 seconds.

Dark Riddle MOD APK Download (Unlimited Money Menu, Unlocked,)

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