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Crowd City

Crowd City MOD APK (Menu/Always Rank 1, Time, Unlocked)

Crowd City helps you to show leadership and attract your enemies. This popular videogame will help you find new attractive. Players will gather people in this modern town. It is your task to gather more people on your side, or convert them into people you can control. We must sometimes withdraw our troops from larger groups of demonstrators to avoid losing numbers.


The player must make a plan in this game. All these plans will determine for themselves and grasp the time themselves. This plan will help players divide their roles more easily for teammates. This kind of planning will keep us on track and help us win the attraction.

Attracting a lot of people

This time around, you need to get a large number of players. This group will make your team more important than ever. It is important to use the opportunity to get the smaller groups to come together to form the largest squad in the city. Recruitment will be crucial because our evaluation criteria will depend on the number people in the squad.

Avoid dangerous situations

Meeting larger groups is the greatest threat to our group. This will be a difficult meeting because they might attack us and ask our allies to join forces. Stay away from the meeting and plan the next one to avoid losing the original number. We must also be on the lookout for other groups, as they may attack or oppress us at any moment.


We want to join forces to create the largest army in Crowd City. To become the most successful candidate, you must outperform your competitors and attract large groups of people. You can also win by using the lures and calls provided in the game. You are the leader of this game. You may also need to crush your opponents to gain a large amount of followers to be the leader this time.

Crowd City MOD APK 2.7.2 (Menu/Always, Rank 1, Time) Download

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