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Criminal Desires v2.1.11 MOD APK (Free Premium Choices)

Criminal Desires v2.1.11 MOD APK (Free Premium Choices)

Criminal Desires: BL Yaoi Anime Romance Game is a special game that gives you a lot of mixed emotions that the game has prepared scenarios for. With games built in the simulation genre often have their own charm and if you love this genre, this is a suitable game. Coming to this game, you will be involved in intense and dramatic stories of each situation played out for the characters.

Criminal Desires: BL Yaoi Anime Romance Game Criminal Desires: BL Yaoi Anime Romance Game


In order to create a simulation game that really appeals to its players, the story will always be an excellent means of this. Therefore, the game has also developed for itself a really attractive, attractive story and especially the climax that will be developed in each stage in the game. And the main context that the game determines to bring you will be a notorious criminal family that is expanding its influence in the underworld.

And you will have the game arrange yourself into a character who is a rising star with a talent that is beyond his ability. You and your colleague have been assigned a hazardous mission to penetrate deep inside the other criminal family to be able to defeat from the inside. Criminal Desires will take you to really intense stories that you won’t be able to take your eyes off when participating in this hazardous underworld.


Besides a story that really attracts players from the beginning, the character system will also be an essential catalyst. The characters in this simulation game genre will occupy themselves a significant role to guide the gameplay and help the main story be told. At the same time, other characters will also be places where Criminal Desires can convey to you particular messages.

First, no one else would be Rob – that childhood best friend who is always there whenever you need help. He is also a person who is always quick to accept tasks and tries with all his efforts to complete the tasks assigned to him. In addition, you will also know Christopher – The Composed Leader with extraordinary stories waiting for you to explore deep inside.

Criminal Desires: BL Yaoi Anime Romance Game Criminal Desires: BL Yaoi Anime Romance Game


  • Join a game that reimagines a highly mysterious story from two up-and-coming characters.
  • The two main characters’ task will be to break into the criminal family and attack them from within.
  • The character system will be the key point for players to exploit the stories deep inside.
  • The gameplay is simple but gives players drama when developing according to the plot.
  • Japanese anime graphics designed realistically will help players feel the story better.

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