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Do you love art? Color by Number Coloring Games are the perfect game for those who want to learn how to use colors, but can’t draw. This is a great game for those who love to color. It has unique creations that you can enjoy. The genre of coloring blocks with numbers will relax you. You can also draw by numbers and jigsaw to improve your artistic abilities.


Relaxing your mind is the best thing to do if you’re stressed or tired. Color by Number Coloring Games are a high-interactivity art game that will calm your mind. Coloring by numbers is a fun and healthy way to relax. It will also give you more energy for work. This game is suitable for all ages. You can also play it online with your friends.

How to Play is Simple and Suitable for All Players

You can start playing the game of coloring by numbers very easily. Each image or photo is pre-drawn, marked with numbers and set to a particular color. You simply click on the number and select the color. The system will then color the image for you. You can also share your drawings with family and friends via social media, so that everyone has a chance of admiring the beautiful masterpieces.


Color by Number Coloring Games is the perfect game for you if you love puzzles as well as pencil coloring games. The intelligent system of the game has combined puzzles and color-by-number to give you the best experience. This game will also help you to improve your coloring abilities and free your mind.

Your Custom Collection

The manufacturers of this game have created a user-friendly interface that allows you to interact easily and perform operations more efficiently. The game also offers you a wide range of content to match your tastes, such as images or colors that you like, and even famous artworks.


You will not only enjoy the artwork, but also the simple gameplay and vibrant colors. Regularly updated, the works will include different styles, such as abstract painting, female and male characters, animals and love. You must combine colors to create a masterpiece.


Color by Number Coloring Games has the most beautiful graphics with images drawn by famous artists and painters. Enjoy colorful and vibrant artworks with an accessible gameplay. The soft background music from the movie soundtracks, as well as other exciting features will help you relax. The beautiful sound effects will also draw you in to the amazing experiences of the game.

Color by Number Coloring Games offers a variety of activities that will help players to eliminate stress and relax.

Key Features

  • A collection of paintings that can be customized by the player: works created by artists around the globe for players to show off and enjoy their coloring ability me.
  • The game offers more than 6,000 images that are completely free for the players to use. Each day, the application will add new models for them to enjoy.
  • You can have a collection of paintings with a variety of themes. These include love, landscapes and flowers, people, seasons and holidays, as well as animals, birds, people.
  • The process of coloring by numbers is easy: you simply need to tap the numbers and they will be colored. The game also incorporates puzzle gameplay with coloring by numbers to relax your mind.
  • Share your creations on social media with family and friends. Enjoy the relaxing effects and beautiful 3D graphics with quality sound.

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