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Colorscapes v3.18.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Hints)

Colorscapes is a relaxing game where players color images of different contents. The images are completely different and numbered properly. You can then use the colors that correspond to the photos and complete them. The work that you do can also be shared and saved.

You can color the way you want

Colorscapes is a great option if you are looking to relax and forget about stress. This game has a coloring feature that is easy to understand, but it also gives you access a lot of pre-drawn detailed pictures. You will also try to color them by filling in all of the blank boxes. Over time you’ll discover the challenges that this game offers.

You can easily navigate the application, as it has a simple interface. There are keywords that relate to pictures that you color or daily suggestions that you find. These functions are the first thing you need to use to locate an image. You can then start the coloring process, from simple to complex.

Add Color to the Photo for a Special and Beautiful Look

You can choose an image in Colorscapes that you want to use, and then select the color you wish to use to fill the image. You can easily see how the numbers are displayed in various details. These colors will correspond with the respective numbers. Once you have painted the number, and there are no relevant details in the image, then you can complete the level.

Over time, the detail in photos will grow to provide a wide range of challenges and entertainment. You may also encounter problems such as not being able to complete a level due to a missing detail. It’s all about the small details that you need to be very careful to look out for.

You can use the magnifying feature to move your view to the correct location if you do not have patience. It will have a limited number of applications.


Colorscapes gives players access to a wide variety of images, each with a different design. Images with soft colours or color schemes can be used. Anyone is delighted when they are able to complete a piece of artwork and choose what to do with the photo. These images can be saved to your phone or shared with friends.

Coloriage works that offer many exciting points for players, such as:

  • An extensive library of beautiful avoidances you can color.
  • Search for images using keywords and the suggestions of the app.
  • You need to pay attention to the details of each picture to avoid missing any details.
  • This game will help you to complete the pictures by pointing out the details that are missing.
  • When you finish filling it out in color you can save it and send it to anyone.

Colorscapes MOD APK v3.18.0 (Unlimited Hints Download)

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