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City Fighter vs Street Gang MOD APK (God Mode, One Hit)

City Fighter vs. Street Gang has perfected mistakes and made an amazing comeback by adding more moves. You’ll be a hero at all times, but you won’t be able to make drinks anymore because the robbers have taken them. It’s time to start the journey of finding, collecting and defeating those who are in your way. Show them that you are a martial artist with great fighting skills.

Change the look of characters

City Fighter vs. Street Gang will provide players with a menu to fill out their name and select the best appearance. Will you become a different person? Look at the wardrobe. There are many cool things to try. You can switch the skins in front after every round. Make a smart choice, however, to make it easier for you to play with the special outfit.

In City Fighter vs. Street Gang, you can use anything that is in your path as a weapon. You can show off your skills or use a stick to fight. Don’t forget to look at the red ruler and the location symbol so you can see how many oranges have been taken back by the enemy.


City Fighter vs. Street Gang is a game that uses touch controls to allow players to control their characters directly in the ring. Four buttons are included with symbols. You need to understand how each button works and combine them to create stunning movements. Karate, Kung Fu Muay Thai Kickboxing and Boxing are the martial arts that you use. It is exciting to be able do them well and to take out your opponent quickly.

Watch how much mana and health you’ve used fighting the enemy and then stop recharging when it is time. You can’t quit until you have collected enough oranges. You can find them in the jungle, on the street or anywhere else. You will succeed in your mission, even though it will take a long time.


City Fighter vs. Street Gang has a realistic look and feel with the combination of sounds and images. You will only get rewarded if you complete the mission of taking back oranges. Build a strategy to win this game where you have no teammates and too many people. We believe in your abilities and will make sure that the situation is as safe as possible. Don’t forget about leaving a review at the end of the game.

Key Features

  • Roleplaying and action in the first mission – retrieve the oranges that you have lost from your kitchen.
  • Transform your characters into the best version of yourself by changing their look and feel.
  • Take advantage of the information gained from the battlefield by using the right collection of modern weapons.
  • Catch up with bandits, and block their path.
  • Combine unique martial arts for the coolest victory.

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