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Choice of Life

Choice of Life: Middle Ages v1.0.13 APK (Full Game)

Choice of Life Middle Ages will appear in front of the player as a specific kingdom. The cards provide choices and you are immersed into the questions. This world offers quests that are unlike any other game because the cards you select directly impact your life, the lives of the people you meet, and the future of the kingdom.

Choice of Life


When you first start this war, all you are is a farmer. The journey is to change your life in a dramatic way. The players’ wisdom and strategy will determine whether you become an aristocrat.

Choice of Life

Appearing PUZZLES and CARDS Simulate Realistic Answers

World of Choice of Life has a design that is highly eye-catching, with authentic details ranging from windmills up to a magnificent castle. The images that represent the options are displayed around and above the cards. Puzzles and choices are the links that bind these perilous adventures together. The story explains that it’s linked together in order to build a prosperous kingdom and reveal many hidden mysteries.

Choice of Life


The future of your kingdom and yourself will be determined by whether you make wise choices. Which side will you choose when you are faced with a choice between a cruel thief and a kind merchant? We also offer you the option of choosing between earning money and learning a specific profession. In Choice of Life there are many ironic situations such as farmers who are superstitious, while evil witches remain innocent.

Choice of Life


  • Choose between cards and puzzles to play.
  • The decisions you make with your cards will affect not only players but the entire future of a kingdom.
  • A simple farmer transformed into a sophisticated aristocrat.
  • The storyline says that the adventure is to solve the mysteries of the kingdom.
  • Will You Side With The Superstitious Farmers Or Compete To Protect The Voices Of Innocent Witches?

Choose Life: Middle Ages APK v1.0.13 (Full game) Download

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