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Carista OBD2 MOD APK

Carista OBD2 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Free Download

Carista OBD2 is the perfect solution for you if you find it frustrating to constantly go to the garage in order to check your car’s condition. We can even offer you free advanced installation features based on your requirements. This world is not only attractive to millions of users, but it also adapts to many car brands from the most popular, to the latest, such as Audi, BMW Infiniti Lexus MINI. The service of answering customer questions in the application is also very interesting. It leaves a lot sympathy for the users.


Live data is a feature that cannot be overlooked when referring to Carista OBD2. You can get all the parameters of your car in real time. The complete status of the car is also shown. The car can be in an active state, or it can stop working, and the status is updated in a flexible manner.


This application is essential for you because it allows you to detect errors in the early stages. This application is similar to a manager who never misses a moment. It is possible to notify you if your car makes a mistake. The problem could be with the turbo, 12V batteries, or even wheels.


Carista Newness gives you detailed information on every component of your car. This feature is not only useful for people who want to control their cars, but also for people who plan to buy a used vehicle. This application will help you avoid being deceived and misled by brokers who are only interested in making money.

Personalize your car to have the most comfortable amenities

Carista’s OBD2 gives you even more customization options. Users can now organize and build conveniences in their car that are boldly colored. This application will help you feel comfortable every time you step into your car. Moreover, we can help users to discover more features that they may not have known.

Customization of comfort and convenience features in the car. Customizing your car to your preferences will eliminate all of the inconveniences you face every time you get into your vehicle. You can also use features that you didn’t know existed in your car!


Carista OBD2 supports a wide range of vehicles. This list includes some Audi, BMW Infiniti Lexus MINI Nissan Scion SEAT Koda Toyota Volkswagen models. The app has become popular among automobile enthusiasts because of its intuitive design and great support. The app is constantly adding new features and brands to its arsenal. Carista’s OBD2 lets you customize your vehicle’s comfort and convenience features. Your car will be surprised with features that you never knew existed. This level of customization is perfect for increasing your enjoyment of driving, and makes the car feel like it belongs to YOU.


The Carista app allows you to perform electronic diagnostics on all of your vehicle’s modules (fault codes checking and resetting). These modules include your vehicle’s anti-lock braking system (ABS), airbag, and other manufacturer-specific systems. You can scan your vehicle to determine the source of any warning light that appears. You can also perform basic maintenance on your vehicle without the assistance of a mechanic, saving both time and money. Support for certain features is available on Volkswagen, Audi SEAT, Cupra Koda Toyota Lexus Scion and Scion vehicles.

The Precision Module Fault Diagnosis is

Carista is a useful tool for personal use and many dealers trust it. Its fault-diagnosis feature is extremely accurate. We can reach almost all installed car modules, from ABS systems to intelligent airbags. There is also an alert system that helps you to capture information in real time.

You should update your vehicle’s status immediately

Kalista OBD2 also offers live data. You can view vehicle parameters in real-time. The vehicle’s status is also shown. It can be active or stop working. It’s also highly flexible and updated. It is great to be able collect all information without having to sit in your vehicle.

Fault isolation made easy and fast

This application is known for its early error detection. It’s like comparing him to your most loyal manager when he never misses a moment. You will be notified if your car has minor problems or changes. This could be an issue with the turbo, motor, or 12-volt battery. It may even be wheel-related.Carista Newness OBD2 is a special feature that provides information on all components in your vehicle. This feature can be used by both those looking to control their vehicle and those buying a used one. This application will help you avoid being fooled into believing the lies of brokers that ignore their customers’ interests in order to maximize profits.

Get the best comfort equipment for your car by customizing it.

Not only that. Carista OBD2 allows you to customize the car. Users can now organize and build amenities with bold colors inside their cars. This application will help you feel comfortable in your vehicle. We also offer users the opportunity to take advantage of hidden features.

Customization of comfort and convenience features in vehicles. You can customize it to suit your needs and eliminate the hassle of getting into your car every day. You can also take advantage of vehicle characteristics that you didn’t know existed!

Key Features

  • Avoid problems or errors that could endanger your car and life.
  • Send alert notifications quickly to users who are knowledgeable to help you identify errors and fix them promptly.
  • Capture all the modules and components including the wheel, and their working structure.
  • You can update the status of the car even when you are not driving it. This way, even if you don’t drive the car you will know the exact state.
  • Customization is free and allows you to create unique experiences

Carista OBD2 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Free Download

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Now you can download Carista OBd2 for free. Here are some notes.

  • Please read the Mod Info and Installation Instructions carefully to ensure that your game and app will work correctly
  • The use of 3rd-party software such as IDM or ADM (Direct links) to download files is currently blocked due to abuse.

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