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Car Eats Car 3

Car Eats Car 3 MOD APK [MOD / Unlock Everything]

You can choose from a wide variety of cars to play and levels to complete. Car Eats Car 3 hill climb race offers mini-games and events, as well as challenging missions. This game is a great way to relieve stress and pressure. It is the perfect game for anyone who enjoys action and adventure. On rolling hills, you can race and escape from enemies.

Car Eats Car 3


Car Eats Car 3 Hill Climb Race will dazzle players with a whole new set of racing vehicles in a variety of shapes and colors. The players can also decorate and renovate the car that they choose to take with them on the race. You can also upgrade the engine, replace the interior and increase the speed of the car.

It offers a wide range of exciting driving levels

The players are involved in bloody and thrilling races. Car Eats Car 3 Hill Climb Race features more than 120 climbing levels and thousands of racing cars. The player can race the enemy’s vehicles and destroy them at the same time. The game is made more challenging and interesting by the different levels of climbing. These tracks allow you to run fast. All cars come with weapons and skills to make climbing easier and more accessible.

Car Eats Car 3


You will have to overcome many obstacles on your journey to the championship. The players can escape the police and destroy their enemies by firing bullets or hitting booms. Upgrade your car and make it a beast in order to succeed on this brutal battlefield. Car Eats Car 3 Hill Climb Race offers you more than 48 levels of chase action so that you can experience them slowly. To become a racing expert, you must defeat over 40 formidable opponents.

Car Eats Car 3

Complete the challenging missions that this game offers

This adventure racing game is perfect for those who love action and challenges. It offers countless attractive challenges. You must escape the police’s grasp and beat all your enemies in order to reach the finish line. Turn on Nitro Racing to earn respect from the other racers as well as police. You must choose the best cars for you and always upgrade them to turbochargers to be the strongest.

Car Eats Car 3


The player will receive a perfect coin after completing a task. This money can be used to upgrade your beast. The player can unlock the next levels and upgrade or enhance new cars, trucks or planes. You will also get unique armors and accessories for your racing car. You also receive honorary titles in addition to these valuable rewards.

Help your friends escape the police siege

You will be able to take part in these races with confidence if you prepare well. Use your driving expertise to save your friends from evil cops. By defeating the police, the player is able to rescue his friends.

Car Eats Car 3

Key Features

– Provide a variety of racing cars in different sizes, colors and models, so players can choose their favorite cars.
Upgrade and improve your car to make it stronger, better equipped to fight and defeat enemies.
– A wide range of driving levels, from easy to hard.
– Complete the tasks assigned to you and become a master of racing. You will receive many valuable rewards.
– Help your friends to escape from the police chase in order to improve teamwork.

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