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Burning Dead v1.1.51 MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo)

Burning Dead v1.1.51 MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo)

Burning Dead brings moments of suspense to the breath, the escape to horror, your daughter is trapped in a wild forest with a mountain full of zombies, your daughter’s life is in danger. Your mission is to collect many weapons and resources from equipping yourself to confront the evil zombies. The apocalypse is about to begin; you must quickly collect and upgrade weapons, build a perfect battle strategy, make the most of resources and power to prepare for an intense battle ahead.

Burning Dead


Lost in the cold forest and dark mountain full of zombies, the dangerous roads ahead are unknown what challenges you will face. The zombies are coming; use all your strength and skills to confront them to save your daughter. There is nothing that can make you give up because motherhood is always so sacred. There is no problematic battle that you cannot overcome because, thanks to the power of love, that conquers all. Show everyone what you are capable of and turn this battle into a playground.

Burning Dead


It will be an unforgettable experience, crossing the dangerous forest and facing the evil zombies. Your daughter’s life is in their hands; you need to equip yourself with certain skills as well as a clear mind to face them. Players will be highly obsessed with zombies with creepy blue eyes that will be a unique attraction for players to give you the experience of classic zombies in the 90s.


Burning Dead gives you a creepy horror experience when trying to escape, chasing evil zombies. You must learn to survive a long journey with unique stories and run away from bloodthirsty zombies. As a dramatic game with outstanding features that make the game smoother, impressive graphics, and attractive gameplay, this game quickly conquered when the most demanding players just released it. It will be an exciting adventure to escape from the zombies, join the fight for survival, rescue your daughter and become a hero in the apocalypse.

Burning Dead


  • Epic 3D graphics and dramatic gameplay promise to be the most exciting game.
  • Hidden behind the game are unique stories that touch players’ hearts
  • With a fully 3D environment, realistic visual design, and vivid sound
  • Experience a dramatic survival journey that brings horror experiences
  • The game will soon be available on the Android operating system

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