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Bubble Pop Origin

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Bubble Pop Origin lets players create explosive explosions by shooting up balls. The number of balls you will be receiving your reball determines whether or not they explode. There will be many balls on the board, all of which are different colors. The game is chaotic because there are only a few opportunities to shoot the ball, and the board has a large number. As players become accustomed to the game, they will learn how to take advantage of the available opportunities.

Bubble Pop Origin


The system created a new version quickly to allow players to experience more content and join Bubble Pop Origin. This version has about 40 levels. The levels are of a certain level of difficulty and offer new challenges. The game has added new obstacles to each game after the update. The focus is on improving the link between rounds. Many players are concerned about their performance. We’ve simplified things for you.

Bubble Pop Origin

How to control the ball for best results

For the players’ convenience, the system explains how to control a ball in Bubble Pop. The interface is split into two sections, one for the table and the other for the ball machine. The ball path can be calculated by the player simply by observing the layout of the balls on the board. As long as there are more than four balls, each ball will cause an explosion. The board will contain many balls of different colors.

We calculate the maximum number of stars that you can score for each game to determine the player’s highest score. The number of stars you receive will depend on the milestones that you reach. Your achievements will be listed on the leaderboard. In a single table, we compare all players’ performances fairly. The player can use bombs or arrows during his mission to break more balls. The range of their effect is different. Arrows can be used to destroy the balls vertically or horizontally. Bombs destroy the balls based on the distance of the explosion.

Bubble Pop Origin

Upgrade a series of special features

Players will receive bonuses for accessing Bubble Pop Origin every day and attending. You will receive an additional turn of arrows or explosives if you win each match. The fact that there are hundreds of levels is one of the most popular features of this game. The difficulty of each game increases gradually based on the number levels the player has achieved. If it doesn’t work, you can try again. However, we will limit the amount of time that this turn is allowed.

Enhance your experience in the game

Bubble Pop Origin is not just a game that offers you exciting entertainment, but also enables you to sharpen your mental abilities for every match. The system shows the time that the player spends shooting the ball or breaking the game. You can also use other features, such as rockets or bombs, to break more balls with one shot. In the next versions, you will see an improved interface that is easy to use and provides you with a convenient way to have fun. We will be modifying the game to reflect your feedback and other suggestions. Join the community and receive the latest offers.

Key Features

  • This is a brand new system for building games with a lot of exciting content relating to the journey in order to break the balls off the picks. This approach will take you through hundreds of levels, and many different presentations.
  • Improve the experience of the players when they participate in the professional ball-shooting tournament. Updated versions are available to help you improve your ranking and evaluate the content of the game.
  • There are many challenges in shooting a ball, such as making the balls disappear from the board, knowing the number of balls needed to finish the game, and overcoming obstacles like iron balls and stones.
  • Combining more than four balls will create a small blast. The louder the sound, the greater the number of balls. You will need to explode the balls quickly to reach the shooter. The board will start to move.
  • Rockets and bombs are included in the game. Missiles allow you to destroy the ball in an arrangement of fixed balls. Bombs destroy the ball based on its influence area.

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