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Bonbon Cakery

Bonbon Cakery APK + MOD (Unlimited Money/Premium Unlock)

Bonbon Cakery offers a dessert paradise to cake lovers. You can create sweet and delicious cakes using the latest and most intelligent tools, along with clean, fresh and specialty ingredients. Your baking skills and creativeness will help you to enter the circle of glory.

Even better, you can compete with famous chefs around the globe in fair matches under the supervision of the judges and spectators. Players can also open fixed businesses or pickup trucks that allow them to travel anywhere.

  • Bonbon Cakery allows you to create and research unique recipes. You will use this as your trump card to continue on your journey towards becoming the baking king of the world.
  • Players can show off their impressive skills by presenting the cooking process on stage. This is a very eye-catching performance.
  • To increase its attractiveness, you can add sweets and chocolates as decorations.
  • The creators of the amazing simulation games, Kairosoft has created a baking masterpiece.
  • Take part in competitions and face-to-face battles with pastry kings.
  • Earning a large amount of rewards. These can be in the form of items or money.
  • Spend the money you collect on new ingredients to bake fresh cakes.
  • We only use the finest ingredients from specific regions. This ensures that you get the best taste and best conditions.
  • If you have the resources to do so, but lack the prestige, consider a strategy that is offensive in order to find new markets.
  • In the Hall of Fame Challenge, you will receive a number of orders to complete and send out within a short time frame.
  • Recipe Lab Day will help you to improve and alter the taste of sweets and cakes.
  • Open up the door to welcome players from around the globe to the pastry shop.
  • Unique Truck Sales Design moves freely around to sell cakes while you sleep.

Download Bonbon Cakery APK + MOD Unlimited Money/Medals

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