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Block Warriors v1.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Block Warriors v1.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Block Warriors form the battlefield across locations; you can encounter opponents while walking and searching for items. Players need to be well prepared for this activity to deal with surprise attacks. It’s time to build your own hero squad based on blocks and the weapons mined from breaking blocks. Well prepared with the above strategies and equipment, it looks like everything is ready to begin; lead your team forward.

Block Warriors


Each hero team that appears on the stage is always the team with the participation of the most powerful characters. That’s why your battle in Block Warriors is not arranged; random teams meet while performing other tasks. You can fight with opponents anywhere; disadvantages are always at risk. It will be a 1:1 or 5:5 battle depending on the challenge. Special bonuses are available to everyone, and you will be further rewarded as events unfold.

The return of eccentric blocks in the game has created a new feeling for players. It’s not just a mining game; now, you also need to focus on safety when implementing defensive strategies. The fast pace and the continuous sequence of activities will keep you busy because your army can be exhausted at any moment. You are alone, and you will have to manage against everyone; that is one of the difficulties we have created to await you.

Block Warriors


Surprises are always ready to come#; that’s one reason to be more alert and prepared in Block Warriors. Adding members to your own hero squad is an urgent requirement. The acquisition will happen quickly, but what worries you is what you should do to develop their abilities. Thanks to the combination of skill sets, the battles will be lighter, and the glory at the top will soon be available to you!

It would help if you distinguished the characters in Block Warriors to have more reasonable arrangements for the squad. Each character will have their own cards, and you will know those unique points and build the most challenging team to break. Besides, players need to innovate strategies; instead, attractive plans will make you pass things easier. Better if they suit your situation, stay alive, and move on to collect more characters. Observe their activity and especially the amount of blood!

Block Warriors


Block Warriors with the return of wacky blocks will be more exciting with your addition with the most potent lineup. Better when everything is balanced, and you realize being number one is never easy. Heroes still need to try harder; training sessions and skill upgrades are still open for you to develop your squad. Apply strategy to encounters; we expect your performance!

Block Warriors


  • Mining blocks and exploring unique spaces like cities, deep forests, or deserts.
  • Develop the character system and unlock it when you level up and have enough reward coins to build a strong team of heroes.
  • Equip the best weapons for the characters when starting their squad to move in the marked location.
  • Win the top spot on tournament and event leaderboards.
  • Go head-to-head with anyone you meet on the road, offering a challenge with levels like 1:1 or 5:5.

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