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Blackout: Sightless Home v1.0.3 MOD APK (Free Rewards)

Blackout: Sightless Home v1.0.3 MOD APK (Free Rewards)

Have you felt trapped in a dilapidated mansion? If not, come to Blackout: Sightless Home for more details and scary facts. The player will be the character in this half-baked, funny story and face the fascinating details. The game always creates tremendous challenges, and we need to overcome them before night falls quickly. Be a strong person with enough temperament to overcome this tough battle.

Blackout : Sightless Home Blackout : Sightless Home


We seem to have been lost in a void world where you can’t see anything. Everything seemed to fall into darkness, and very scared by the creaking noises. If you are a faint-hearted person, you will certainly find it difficult to face the big challenge that Blackout: Sightless Home poses. However, it would help if you oriented yourself in the main direction to be able to get out the easiest way.


Players must know that the challenge poses, and we have to control the situation ourselves. Times will begin to change, and we must get out before it gets too dark. We will definitely have no strength left when it gets dark, and the darkness that resides here makes you tired. Time goes by, and the challenge will gradually come to an end, but if you can’t get out, it means you have to die. This challenge requires you to race against time and rush out.


Players need to rely on the sounds coming from outside to navigate the correct direction. There will be rattles and even the sounds of animals outside that will help you identify And more specifically, the player needs to use that little flashlight to be able to take you to further locations. You can also use an extra feature like see-through to help you identify your surroundings.

Blackout : Sightless Home Blackout : Sightless Home


  • Become the main character in the story that Blackout: Sightless Home offers and challenge yourself in situations.
  • You need to make the correct guesses about the path to be able to go beyond.
  • Around you is a dark shadow, and you only get a tiny flashlight that can be used as an object to illuminate.
  • Must listen to sounds and all noises to go to that area to find the exit door.
  • You should also use a piercing hint to locate the place you need to get out quickly.

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