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Alice's Resort MOD APK

Alice’s Resort MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Alice’s Resort was built on the story of Alice’s failed business and the friends who worked with her. Everything needs to be repaired and you’ll role-play it to finish. Crosswords will reveal the number of resources needed to complete this activity. The traditional word-matching game requires players to be intelligent to solve. The updated version includes graphics and images to make it easier for players to interact.

Alice's Resort MOD APK


Understanding the rules of Alice’s Resort Crosswords is essential for players to overcome their challenges. You must first join the words so that they form complete words. You can arrange the words vertically or horizontally, but please pay attention to the number of letters in each box. If you have any difficulties, there are additional help boxes on the screen.

If you find the hidden crossword you will be able to purchase new items. Resources collected will be used to buy new items for the rooms. You can also overcome the difficulty of the game by sharing or helping your friends when they make an offer.

Alice's Resort MOD APK

Start rebuilding everything from the ruins

The player must touch each item one-by-one to be able change the interior when switching to the ruined space of the hotel. Alice’s Resort is able to recover and become stronger thanks to the decorative patterns. You may be interested in the stories told by guests at the resort. You can then travel to the neighboring islands and uncover more of the story.

Alice’s Resort is revealing different secrets. There are many reasons for Alice’s Resort to fall. But you can prevent this from happening. You can capture your tired moments while cleaning, or happy ones when you see new items or guests. We encourage the most vivid pictures, which make it sound like you’re actually running a real hotel.

Alice's Resort MOD APK


Alice’s Resort will be a part everyone’s celebration. Make puzzles on the board today and begin matching. During the event, special rewards and offers will launch. You can change the style of each object by choosing from three options. The crossword puzzle will be updated with new content, and we’ll add more challenging levels. Please leave a review after you’ve tried it!

Alice's Resort MOD APK

Key Features

  • Uncover the mystery of the island where the resort is located and welcome new guests.
  • Start matching words to create meaningful crosswords.
  • Rebuild the resort from ruins, add new features and improve the appearance.
  • Select from a wide range of widgets in the crossword reward section.
  • Relive memorable moments with the online camera.

Alice’s Resort MOD APK (Unlimited money) Download

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