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Airport Scanner v1.6.11 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Airport Scanner v1.6.11 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Airport Scanner will allow you to control the baggage check of a large airport. This is a modern game; players will perform many tasks in this airport. You are a police officer of the airport area and are in charge of baggage inspection. You and your teammates are provided with a scanner; the two of you will do your thing together. Of course, there will be a lot of passengers with strange signs in the airport, and you need to investigate carefully before allowing them to go through the gate.

Airport Scanner


Your superiors have clearly assigned your task to check the airport area, and if there is an abnormal problem, you will immediately report it to your superior. After the mission has been assigned, you are now a policeman in charge of the baggage control area. Here you are provided by the airport area with a state-of-the-art X-RAY scanner to assist you in this process. That machine will clearly show us the objects inside the luggage, and if there is an abnormal object, it will be searched.

Airport Scanner Airport Scanner


You will meet a lot of people in many different countries, and they are looking forward to your trip. In the airport, there will be a lot of regulations, and you need to inform customers so that they can understand. Suitcases containing dangerous weapons or compounds that should not be present are strictly prohibited. So Airport Scanner always wants you to promote all your abilities and detect to handle unexpected cases.


We will go and check in turn; after the test is complete, the game will give you more support devices. First, you need to check each baggage, and the notification system will check that person and pass. In some cases, the system reports a violation; you need to search and check everywhere in this suitcase. If a passenger violates, you will take measures to handle it promptly.

Airport Scanner Airport Scanner


  • You will become a policeman whose main task is to control the security of the airport area.
  • Coordinate with your teammates to carry out baggage checks before boarding passengers.
  • Always follow the rules and comply well with the regulations of a policeman on security issues in the airport area.
  • Must check closely and try to scan many times to see if the results are suspicious or not.
  • Arrest those who commit acts of treason on the flight or search to keep dangerous items.

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