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Airport Scanner 2 v1.2.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Airport Scanner 2 v1.2.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Airport Scanner 2 returns with a more beautiful interface and exciting suggestions from the introductory video. Players can start with some simple games, but first, they need to familiarize themselves with the rules of the game. You will play the role of airport police; the task in this campaign is to find weapons and prohibited objects in passengers’ luggage. Safe flights to your next destinations will give you an extra bonus. Players can land in multiple areas to solve airport problems all over the world!

Airport Scanner 2


Players will be participating in Airport Scanner 2 when forming a group of airport controllers. You will have to check each baggage with our scanner manually. Depending on the heat level or the material of the prohibited items, you will easily notice them when the scanner passes. Time to check-in is limited when there are a lot of passengers waiting. Players need to take adequate steps to ensure that any prohibited items are not left in their luggage.

Airport Scanner 2 Airport Scanner 2


This is a private collection designed for you to collect special items from customer luggage. Airport Scanner 2 will accept a recall when you tap on an item and determine it’s a prohibited item. Bounties for finding them will be sent immediately. Besides, you can increase the drama and double the bonus by creating relationships and helping contraband items pass the test. However, this is extremely risky when having to compete with the smartest machines.


A total of more than 50 airports and dozens of destinations will be interesting things waiting for you in Airport Scanner 2. Players will have to overcome challenges at each point, and your inventory will provide a world map and flight area. Hundreds of different missions are still waiting. Complete the content at points and get many valuable rewards. Raise the price of items or enhance the quality of your scanner by paying for an upgrade.

Airport Scanner 2 Airport Scanner 2


Airport Scanner 2 is designed so that players can join the hunt at any time. You can start with the first round, finding simple items that are clumsily hidden. However, the difficulty will increase when going to the next level. Stay calm and complete your special item collection. Various badges will be awarded when you achieve remarkable achievements. We continue to appreciate your review and expect changes in the updated version.


  • Get access to modern machines in the game and learn their functions. Use items for scanning customer baggage.
  • Get many special rewards when collecting all 100 rare items. The user will tap on the item so that it floats above the luggage.
  • Fly to different airports to get your job done, choose a destination from the map, and do it now.
  • Experience the fun of trying to complete the task assigned from the mailbox or the invitation of a few close friends.
  • Enjoy the creative space of the system by recording the scanning and searching activity in the game, realistic graphics, vivid sound.

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