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A Puzzle in Disguise

Puzzle in Disguise APK + OBB – Free Download Now!

In this interesting puzzle game, you will have to stop evil plots by stopping the plans and plots of villains. You must infiltrate Ruby La Rouge’s secret hideout to capture her before she escapes. This game is a great way to explore a world in the 60s with puzzles that require intelligence and clever exploration.

A Puzzle in Disguise


On a level of the game, players will need to solve a lot of puzzles. For example, to open a door, they must find the key. They may have to search every corner of the area to do so, or unlock the code for the door. There will be moments when the game needs to help the player solve certain puzzles. Players will receive hints to help them search more efficiently. The developer has made the hint text more clear in this version.

The detailed hint text helps players to think clearly and locate the items quicker. This new feature helps players in their spying efforts. Agent A is an extremely challenging game. Players have to spend hours searching for tools and gathering clues.

A Puzzle in Disguise

The story starts out awesome

The players will take on the role of Agent A and start their adventure. You discover that the agent who escaped the room is Ruby La Rouge. So, you need to use your detective skills in order to find her secret hideout. You must capture her quickly to stop any evil plans. She has destroyed both the ship and VIP guests that attend.

You can get into her mansion by using your logic and wit. You will then have to explore many rooms in order to gather clues regarding her plot. You will need to keep in mind what you saw when you are solving Agent A’s puzzles. There will be challenges that double-check your answers and require you to enter the code to unlock. Five chapters of espionage stories are included in the game. Chapter 1 – A riddle disguised, Chapter 2 – continuing the spy hunt, Chapter 3 – Miss Ruby’s trap, Chapter 4 – The Narrow exit, and Chapter 5 — The Final Calamity. Each stage will contain many levels that are interconnected to create a compelling storyline.

A Puzzle in Disguise

Easy to Play and Control

Agent A is easy to use with the buttons on the screen. The controls are simple, as there is only one button for viewing or using something. The player can reverse with one button. You can also use two fingers to perform the action or view at the same.

The game also uses touch controls, where players can perform actions by simply touching or swiping. Players will therefore feel more comfortable and natural when playing. The screen interaction makes it easier for players to perform actions and is more intuitive. It also helps them access information faster.

Unique Features and Different Questions

Agent A’s art is inspired by 60s. Players can explore 35 unique environments in this exciting adventure. Players can collect 30 achievements and earn valuable loot. It has a beautiful interface with many colors, a simple layout and fits perfectly on the small screens of Android phones. Cartoon-style characters have been used, but the focus is on solving puzzles.

A Puzzle in Disguise

This game contains 100 puzzles and hidden objects for players to collect and discover. You will have to use your brain and remember a lot of information to solve the difficult puzzles. It is likely that you will make some mistakes, but they are easily corrected. However, it may take a long time. You can use the hint texts to help you get out of a situation where you are stuck.

It is a puzzle role-playing video game that allows players to join in exciting adventures, become detectives and stop the evil plot by the spy. The plot of the game keeps players entertained, and encourages them to think creatively in order to find the best solution. The graphics of the game are also designed in an art style that is unique and beautiful, with many different environments to explore.

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