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Pet Saga v1.0.1 MOD APK (Menu/Damage, Defense)

Pet Saga v1.0.1 MOD APK (Menu/Damage, Defense)

Pet Saga allows you to start acquiring and raising a lovable creature. They have unique characteristics with unlimited power, observe and develop them your way. The next mysteries about the land where humans and monsters live together will be unraveled by you. The journey is still going on with many new faces. Well execute your plans and develop skills in this campaign.


Players need to register and start hatching a magic egg to get a perfect creature and raise them in Pet Saga. The most remarkable feature of these organisms is that they grow in levels. Once you have reached the highest threshold, you will not be able to continue to accelerate and evolve it. However, the power that is increased after each evolution reaches a highly terrifying level. Each time it is performed, the creature will take on a new look and a new skill.


Concentrated formations will make Pet Saga’s arena easier, so immediately form your own team and join the fight. You will own the squad; adding and subtracting numbers will be allowed when you issue an order. However, players need to research the creatures’ skills to make the combo more unique. Specific strategies need to be urgently developed when basic information about team composition is available. Implement them and enjoy the best results!


Pet Saga organizes special events for powerful bosses to fight at the last minute. When the situation gets difficult, hundreds of large and small rewards will be given out when the event ends. In addition, events also deliver a few parcels to you as a gift for participating. Participating in lucky games such as card flipping and spinning also offers the opportunity to receive rewards.


The tournament organized by Pet Saga always brings interesting surprises when there are countless players worldwide. This is an opportunity for people to connect with each other in a highly vibrant common space. Use the skill set shown on the card and fight to the end to win. The champion will be able to shorten the upgrade time and receive great incentives.
We look forward to your performance in this arena, and all reviews will be noted and contributed to the update.


  • Shape your characters and let them thrive in the best environment.
  • Participate in special events to improve your fighting skills and become strong.
  • Face the bosses at the last minute to get more rewards.
  • Evaluate skills through centralized leaderboards and earn extra coins from breaking records.
  • Build a battle squad and create conditions for them to participate in big and small tournaments.

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