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Penny & Flo MOD APK

Penny & Flo MOD APK Free Download (Unlimited Money & Stars)

This game was created especially for puzzle fans. Penny & Flo – Finding Home is a game of puzzle solving that has many new features. Players will be guided by the game to experience different emotions.

Penny & Flo MOD APK

Updates on the latest and most interesting news

Penny & Flo: Finding Home’s producer is interested in the emotions that players feel when playing this game. In order to allow players to express their emotions and thoughts, there are polls that are open in the game. In this update, we have tried to fix all the mistakes that were made by the game in the last update.

In addition, this update introduces a brand new feature to the game. This feature will allow players to experience new landscapes and feelings in New York. Players will be able to assist characters in overcoming new challenges by playing this new game.


The main context of this game is a large, luxurious and lavish mansion. This unique mansion belongs to a talented former actress who was the most famous in Hollywood. To match her fame, she had to build a large mansion. It is large and she can’t solve all the problems.

Penny & Flo MOD APK

Penny and Flo, the two main characters in the game, are the ones that the landlord is looking to to help him solve the issues that arise within the mansion. The two main characters of the game will be using their abilities and skills to be able solve the problems in the mansion, more specifically within each room. The two characters must overcome many challenges in order to restore normalcy to the mansion.


Penny & Flo : Finding Home has been classified as a game of puzzles. Many players may think that this is just a normal puzzle game. This is not a traditional puzzle game. The puzzles that players will have to solve are modernized.

Penny & Flo MOD APK

The manufacturer has arranged these puzzles in a way that is suitable for both beginners and experienced players. These sentences are formatted into many different genres to avoid the feeling of familiarity. The puzzles will also be very curious and have specific meanings. The players will try to solve the puzzles to discover the hidden secrets.

Special Features

The storyline of this game is unique, and the player’s goal will be to fix the mansion at the start. The two main characters will be controlled by the player at the start of the game to complete the story and challenges. Each story will have a different set of puzzles to solve. After that, the rooms are repaired and redecorated according to their stories.

Penny & Flo MOD APK

Penny & Flo – Finding Home allows players to explore the many rooms in this large mansion. The game also offers hundreds of furniture and decorative items that you can customize according to your preferences. Pay attention to hidden objects in the game. These will guide you to secret areas.

A great puzzle game must have a storyline, gameplay and unique, exciting features. Penny & Flo Finding Home is a perfect example of combining all these features to give the player a great experience. Two main characters begin their journey in a huge mansion, where challenges await. Let’s start the game quickly to explore, repair and decorate that mansion to your liking.

Key Features

  • Add interesting rooms and remodel your house to relate to the story!
  • Complete many puzzle levels by matching pieces!
  • Uncover hidden secrets as the story takes unexpected turns.
  • Explore hidden sections of your home and its artifacts.
  • Relax and enjoy this story with a heartwarming, humorous dialogue.

Penny & Flo v1.117.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Stars)

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