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Oxford Dictionary of English MOD APK

Oxford Dictionary of English MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) Free download

The perfect space for learning is created by the users. This application provides a rich collection of English words and phrases with pronunciations. The users can learn new things, and enjoy a lot of fun. Oxford Dictionary of English helps you improve your English. This application is widely used by all audiences. This application is a great resource for those who wish to learn English.


Users can use the Oxford Dictionary of English to search for and use different words. The application contains more than 350000 words and hundreds of commonly used phrases. The system will also display words and phrases that are related to the word searched. It clearly indicated each word that had a different pronunciation, or words with similar pronunciation. This makes it easier to learn new words.


This rich and diverse vocabulary provides a wide range of information. This application helps users to improve their vocabulary. It’s not hard to build a varied vocabulary if you are diligent and work hard. You can search for different study topics, and also learn the words and phrases that native speakers use.


Users can search for whatever they want using Oxford Dictionary of English. This application allows you to search for words you don’t know. It is a great way to find words that you don’t know exactly. The application supports voice, search engines and other features. This feature allows users to save time and effort while searching. You can use simple characters to search for words you don’t remember.

Create lists to find information easily

Users can also create lists of their favorite words, and then sort them into categories for easier searching. To make it easier to locate new words and phrases, you can also classify them into different categories. The system also saves the words that you have searched in the past. These lists allow users to easily search and review words.


It opens an interface that is very eye-catching. This creates an interest in English learning. The layout of the application creates a pleasant feeling for the user and makes it easier to learn. The application allows users to customize the layout and colors to suit their preferences. You can also share words between different applications. The data can be accessed by users without restrictions.

Key Features

  • Provides a wide range of vocabulary and phrases.
  • Access all new words and phrases without restriction. A standard pronunciation system will help you to improve your pronunciation and speaking skills.
  • Brings many stories on many topics, so you can easily study and absorb new vocabulary without feeling pressured.
  • Improve the user’s English and expand their vocabulary. The application updates constantly with new words that will help users in their search.
  • Search for words or phrases in many different ways. Users can search using voice sensors, or quickly search for words they cannot remember.
  • Statistic of the words that you searched and your favorites words into appropriate categories to allow you to easily search and review the lessons.

Oxford Dictionary of English MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) Free download

Now you can download Oxford Dictionary of English free. Here are some notes.

  • Please read the Mod Info and Installation Instructions carefully to ensure that your game and app will work correctly
  • The use of 3rd-party software such as IDM or ADM (Direct links) to download files is currently blocked due to abuse.

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