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Obd Mary MOD APK

Obd Mary MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) Free Download

Obd Mary provides users with helpful information about their vehicle once they connect to the adapter. You can easily access their stats, issues or history of movements. The application supports a variety of display options to make it easier for users to access accurate information.

Check for problems with your car

The feature of Obd Mary is very useful, as it allows users to check and adjust specific aspects of their car. They will then know which problems they can fix automatically, and not have to waste money by taking it to a shop. Once you have all the necessary equipment to connect your vehicle to this application, you will be able unlock these features.

Use the adapter and connect it to your car

You will need an ELM327 adapter to access Obd Mary. Plug it in the correct position, and then connect your Android device to the adapter via Bluetooth. Continue to launch the app and start pressing the connect button on the bottom screen. You’ll then see the icons light up in the app to show a successful connection.

Find out the problems with your car

You will be able to see the diagnostics section after successfully connecting with Obd Mary. This feature provides you with valuable information about any problems that your vehicle is experiencing. The color of the problems you see will be different. For example, green is for stability and red for problems. You can then read about your vehicle or learn how to repair it.

View and adjust dashboards with the App

You can use Obd Mary to access several dashboards. Each dashboard contains a set of parameters. The application will also guide users to the various features of these watches. You can adjust many aspects, including sizes, colors, text and positions. You can now easily and conveniently observe the watches.


Users can access their driving data in the trip computer, which also shows any problems within the vehicle. You can see the time of your trip, average/maximum speeds, fuel consumption and other parameters. If you are checking your car often, and these parameters are what you see, the car should still be stable. You should then have your vehicle thoroughly inspected and repaired if this is not the case.


The Obd Mary allows users to display information in different ways. Information can be listed or displayed in charts. Charts allow users to quickly get information and overview a particular parameter. Users will be unable to ignore these features.

Comprehensive vehicle condition check

It was hard to monitor the condition of a car in real time before scanning tools such as Obd Mary. You can now access the most critical parameters of your car by using this app. The main screen will display a number of important parameters in real time, such as RPM, coolant temperature, speed and MAF.

Check these indicators regularly to ensure that your car runs smoothly. You can bring your car into a shop for immediate repair if you notice any issues or problems related to them. You only need to have a Bluetooth connection or WiFi to make this app work.

Use the app without ads

You might consider buying the full version if you are having problems with the ads or limited features. The full version of the app will allow you to use all features available for diagnosing your car. You won’t be bothered by any ads and can use the features of the app with peace of mind.

The information provided by the application about the car is not to be ignored:

  • The app will allow users to access many aspects of their vehicle, and to detect any problems.
  • The app can be connected to the vehicle via an adapter. This takes only a couple of minutes.
  • The display color allows users to easily adjust measurements and determine the severity of a problem.
  • You can record your trip itineraries and use them to find fuel-saving options.
  • The full version allows users to access all features of the application and not be annoyed by the ads.

Obd Mary MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) Free Download

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Download Obd Mary OBD2 car scanner for free. Here are a few notes:

  • Please read the Mod Info and Installation Instructions carefully to ensure that your game and app will work correctly
  • The use of 3rd-party software such as IDM or ADM (Direct links) to download files is currently blocked due to abuse.

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