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Medieval Merge

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Medieval Merge takes you on a journey through a fantasy land filled with surprises and dangers. You can relax in this world or explore it fully. It’s the constant expansion of the content combined with the unique gameplay and graphic style which makes it a rich and new experience.

Medieval Merge

This game uses medieval elements that make the journey even more fun. The main character is friendly and ready to restore peace in the land. The game also features a new, innovative merge system that allows for endless expansion of content and events. The game also uses a comical graphics engine that makes every character, character, and environment a highlight on the journey. This game is perfect for those who want a game with endless content and entertainment.


You will travel with a magical engineer who has many abilities. She will help innocent people, and fight monsters in order to keep the peace. The game also includes rebuilding roads and villages, and restoring the beauty of the areas she passes through. The game is all about finding hope and rebuilding, and it’s a beautiful and engaging experience as you complete quests and requests from all over.

Medieval Merge


The gameplay revolves around a flexible merge system that allows you to constantly re-build everything in front of your eyes. Each item is unique and appears only in specific places on the board. Each item has a different use and is only used in specific situations. This makes the merge element unique, and allows players to be creative and enjoy their gameplay.


You will be able to find quests all over the world. To complete them and reveal the true colors and shapes of locations, you’ll need the item that corresponds. Although the content is straightforward, they can often be a source of surprises and enhance gameplay. The quests will be more interesting and creative if the engineer visits more locations. They may also offer more items or rewards to help the player merge more quickly or efficiently.


Upgrades allow you to build new buildings or add items to existing ones to make them look more beautiful. The upgrade system also increases the affection of the villagers and provides you with many spiritual rewards that help you prolong your gameplay or relax you when you complete an upgrade. You will find many new upgrade options in the game. Keep merging them until you get the tools you need to complete the quest.

Diverse Items to Merge and Unlock

The items that are used in the merging system, like tools, plants and equipment, as well as other interesting things, are classified into different levels. You will need to spend one energy point in order to summon a brand new item unit. This is then paired with other items until you reach the next level and continue to progress through the story. You can upgrade your supply to create better items in the future to save energy and time.

Complete THOUSANDS of Events and Challenges

You can participate or reap the rewards of events or challenges that will be held regularly around the world. The rewards are constantly changing in value, but they’re always fun and give you more chances to advance. There is no limit to the number of events you can participate in, which means that there are many opportunities for you use all the rewards and bonuses available.

Solve the mysteries of castles

To make the gameplay more exciting, castle secrets are a complex series of puzzles. You must be able to use the merge factor consistently and carefully across different dimensions or approaches in order to solve the hidden puzzles. The castle structure is randomly generated and appears only during major events. This takes the exploration element up a notch, with the engineer’s lively interaction.


The world of fantasy is full of monsters and things to discover, but you can always fight them with the engineer. It is the diversity of creatures and species that makes this world so vibrant. Even mythical, unreal creatures like dragons, fairies and unicorns can be found in secret areas. The innovative merge system allows you to apply everything. You can also fight them, chat with them to better understand the world.

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