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Hitwicket Superstars Cricket

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HitwicketSuperstars is a baseball game that promises many surprises. In this game you will not be a cricketer, but a controller – aka coach. Create a baseball team that will compete in various events and tournaments around the world. You can customize your warriors for different game modes. You can choose to lead your team in a team or 1-1 battle depending on the strategy that you develop.

Hitwicket Superstars Cricket

Attractive Combat Skills with Supernatural Powers

You are not allowed direct matches when you come to this game. He is the one that brings glory to his team. You are the coach for many professional baseball players of the Hitwicket Superstars. It is your job to teach them many lessons. You can also buy or learn unique fighting techniques in battle. Hex, Smash… is a supernatural ability that can smash the ball at the enemy.

Hitwicket Superstars Cricket

Join Offline with Three Basic Game Modes

Even without internet, players can still participate in baseball matches. When playing offline, however, you are limited to three game modes: normal, easy and challenging. You probably know that AI characters will be the ones you face when you are offline. You will have a great opportunity to practice with robot warriors.

Hitwicket Superstars Cricket

Easy to use and friendly for all players

Hitwicket Superstars is a healthy sport that is suitable for everyone. You may be a baseball fan but never had the chance to try it. You will be able to control the simple and user-friendly operations in this game. You can use the buttons to remind your teammates when it is time to attack or throw the ball, or to assign them tasks.

Compete in PRO-Timed Tournaments

Hitwicket Superstars gives players the chance to take part in many tough battles. It’s great that the competitive matches are implemented strictly, as it shows how fierce the battles can be. Travel the world and compete in tournaments by entering pro mode. Travel with your team and compete in the world’s most famous capitals.

Hitwicket Superstars Cricket

Fight with many famous players in PVP battles

Players will be able to take part in many intense battles. You can compete and test your abilities as you take on world-famous players in PvP. You’ll be able to send out one player at a time in order to fight against the other players. If you’re confident that you can control your players well, you may challenge the manager of the team they are playing. The leaderboard displays all the results of each war.

COOPERATE with friends or other gamers to raise the trophy

Each battle will offer different rewards and bonuses. Everyone wants to be the winner to get other gifts. If you want to multiply the value or reward of the trophy, then the player will have to cooperate with others to fight. Join your friends and world-famous athletes to take part in virtual matches. The world cup’s value will increase when special warriors are involved.

Hitwicket Superstars Cricket

Create your dream team with 11 players and go to glory.

You must first create the perfect 11-player team before you can start any war. Applying 8 special tactics to your matches will help you create a great battle strategy. If you’re confident that your team will succeed, participate in auctions. You can win every tournament with the 11 players you most trust in Hitwicket Superstars.

Key Features

  • Build your dream baseball team with 11 of the best players. Lead them to victory in many games and glory.
  • There are many ways to win tickets that have unique superpowers or combat abilities. You can also train your team.
  • Easy to use controls that allow players to make amazing shots by using basic actions like pushing, pulling or hooking.
  • Compete with famous players, manage challenges and view match leaderboards.
  • Participate in virtual battles with your friends or other famous players in the world and earn more points for the trophy.

Hitwicket Superstars: Cricket v5.12.1 MOD APK (Menu: Easy Win) Download

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